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Why Upskilling Benefits Both Talent and You

Upskilling can feel like a waste of time if you are not focusing on the right things. However, upskilling can benefit your business and your employees simultaneously. Here are a few ways this recruitment strategy can help you meet your staffing needs.

What is Upskilling?

Upskilling is often confused with reskilling your employees, but they are not the same. Reskilling employees essentially means you will be training them for a brand-new job. Upskilling, on the other hand, focuses on nourishing their current skillset.

For many businesses, upskilling has simply been a way to keep their current staff up to date on the times. In high-tech industries, for instance, training is obsolete within five years, for the most part. Continuous training, or upskilling, is necessary to keep them on the right track.

This may seem like something that would solely benefit your employees. There are several ways upskilling benefits both talent and you, though. Consider the points below.

Improved Productivity

Overall, you will have improved productivity across your organization. Upskilling your employees will keep them updated on the knowledge they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. When they have updated skills and knowledge, your team will have the tools they need to complete things efficiently.

Having a plan for upskilling your employees will also allow you to hire for learnability and not skills alone. This means you may get a better candidate for your company culture who can learn the job at hand. Of course, skills will still be an important factor, but learnability can make each and every employee more valuable.

Lay Down Groundwork for the Future

When you consider the future of your business, you should consider upskilling. Your staff will need to brush up on training, learn updated technology and lingo, as well as continue to be educated about the industry. This is crucial to keeping your business relevant in the industry.

Providing upskilling for your employees helps you lay the groundwork for the future of your organization in other ways as well. You will have employees who are up to date on the latest information and technology in the industry. Additionally, investing time and money into upskilling your team will make them more likely to continue their hard work with your business.

Increased Staff Retention

Last but certainly not least, upskilling can help improve your staff retention rates. Because you are investing time and money into their careers, they feel more valued at the workplace. Your employees are vulnerable to the changing workplace just as much as their employers are.

Working with a company that provides upskilling will also incentivize them to stay because the time and money you invest in them translate into an appreciation for your team. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to be retained long-term.

The Bradley Group can assist you in meeting your staffing needs. See how we can help improve employee retention and productivity by matching your company with the right candidates.


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