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You need an effective logistics and distribution team. But, assembling your dream team requires time and resources that your business lacks.  

Bradley Professional is a trusted logistics and distribution recruiting firm. We provide flexible and scalable supply chain recruiting services to help North Carolina companies accelerate their growth.  

Take the Guesswork Out of Logistics and Distribution Recruiting 

We streamline logistics and distribution recruiting. To do so, we leverage the following tried-and-true process to help you fill logistics and distribution roles: 

1. Staffing Requirement Assessment

Our team meets with you and discusses your logistics and distribution recruiting goals. We find out what roles are vacant and how quickly you want to fill them. From here, we craft a plan to help you identify top candidates.  

Also, if you encounter hiring roadblocks, there is no need to stress. We are a supply chain recruiting firm that works with you to identify and address these issues and prevent them from recurring.  

2. Candidate Vetting

We use predefined requirements to vet candidates for logistics and distribution roles. If we find candidates who match your expectations, we let you know.  

If you check out a candidate’s credentials and want to follow up with him or her, we can facilitate the interview process. We can also perform background checks and other assessments before you onboard a candidate.  

 3. Candidate Onboarding

We ensure that you can add talent to your team right away. Our team can handle any onboarding requests from you or your new hire.  

Interested in Logistics Careers? We’ve Got You Covered 

Logistics careers are available to job seekers across North and South Carolina. However, it can be difficult to pursue logistics jobs.  

Evaluating career opportunities and making choices that impact your future can be daunting. However, with Bradley Professional at your side, you can take your logistics career to the next level.  

Bradley Professional can keep you up to date about jobs in North and South Carolina that align with your business needs. Regardless of your skill and experience level, we can help you find the right career opportunity.  

Simplify Your Logistics and Distribution Job Search

We make it easy to pursue jobs in logistics, distribution, and other sectors at your convenience. Browse our job board 24/7, and you can explore career opportunities in your area.  

In addition, we leverage a simple and straightforward hiring process. We ensure you can move through this process quickly. And, we verify that you have the skills and experience to hit the ground running on day one at your new job.  

Of course, if you have concerns or questions along the way, let us know. Our recruiters are here to help and support you as you pursue your career goals. 

Take Advantage of Our Logistics and Distribution Services Today 

Bradley Professional provides best-in-class logistics and distribution services to North and South and South businesses and job seekers. To find out more about how we partner with you, please contact us today 

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