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Winston-Salem is North Carolina’s fifth-largest city. It may be best known as “The Camel City” since it’s the home of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, the nation’s second-largest tobacco company. In addition, Winston-Salem has thriving manufacturing, textile, hosiery, and banking sectors.  

Over the years, many Winston-Salem businesses have partnered with employment agencies in the hopes of recruiting top talent. At the same time, Winston-Salem job seekers have explored career opportunities from staffing agencies across the city.  

There is no shortage of North Carolina jobs and employment opportunities. And only one staffing agency provides a one-stop-shop for everything Winston-Salem businesses and job seekers need to achieve their desired results: The Bradley Group. 

We have over two decades of North Carolina professional staffing experience. Our team can connect you with Winston-Salem businesses or job seekers at your convenience.  

What We Offer 

We provide three Winston-Salem staffing divisions to meet the needs of North Carolina businesses and job seekers:

1. Bradley Personnel

Bradley Personnel takes the guesswork out of talent recruitment and engagement. It specializes in the following areas: 

  • Administrative and office 
  • General labor 
  • Heavy labor and construction 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Warehouse and distribution 

We make it easy to find job candidates or pursue jobs in these areas. And our team is happy to provide tips, recommendations, and insights so you can accomplish your talent recruitment and engagement goals. 

2. Bradley Professional

Bradley Professional offers support and services to those who want to recruit skilled job candidates or take their career to the next level. It provides staffing and recruitment services across these areas: 

  • Engineering 
  • Information technology 
  • Logistics and distribution 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Skilled trades 

Tell us how we can help your business identify top talent or land your dream job. From here, we’ll work diligently on your behalf to assist you in any way we can. 

3. Bradley Plus

Bradley Plus can optimize your workforce. It handles everything from high-risk staffing to HR consulting. If you want a partner that handles all of your workforce, we’ve got you covered.  

Promote Winston-Salem Jobs to Top Candidates 

We personalize talent recruitment. First, we learn about your business and who you want to hire. Next, we create a plan to help your company stand out to the best job candidates. We then execute our plan with precision and care. And if you have concerns or questions along the way, we can assist you.   

Explore Winston-Salem Employment Opportunities  

You can search our job board to see what Winston-Salem employment opportunities are available at any time. Plus, you can send us your resume and other application materials. Our team can keep you up to date if Winston-Salem jobs become available that align with your requirements. We can offer job tips and other guidance to help you pursue your career goals. 

Get Started with Us Today 

We are here to assist Winston-Salem businesses and job seekers. For more information or to partner with us, please fill out our contact form or call us at 336.765.1488.  

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