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Bradley Personnel is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm in North Carolina that provides tailored solutions that help businesses and talented people achieve their goals. We provide five core areas of expertise to deliver innovative and results-driven solutions.

With deep roots in these industries and the markets we serve, we bring an unmatched understanding of the challenges facing our clients and our candidates. That understanding is what makes us the go-to resource for companies of all sizes and job seekers at all levels of their careers.

Whether you are searching for great employees or you are looking for new opportunities, partner with Bradley Personnel.

Putting You First

We are much more than a typical job placement agency in North Carolina. While some agencies prioritize their clients, we work for you because you are a valued member of our team, and you will notice our difference immediately.

We offer a convenient and streamlined process that can be conducted either online or in person at any of our six locations. Whichever process you choose, we get to know you not just as a resume, but as a person. We work to understand your motivations, goals and priorities and learn exactly what you are looking for in your next job opportunity.

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