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Will Responsiveness Be Your Key to Winning Top Talent?

One of the biggest trends in staffing for 2021 is going to be service. Your response time has a huge impact on how potential employees view your business. Here is how to ensure you’ll secure top placements.

Responsiveness Will Be Reciprocated

If you are responsive, the candidate will be responsive, too (if they are top talent). Your communication efforts will be reciprocated. This gives you a good chance to gauge how interested they are in the position and see if their communication style fits your company’s culture.

The candidate’s response can also be an indicator of other things, including how timely they are and whether or not they can communicate professionally. You can also take a look at how they are responding and get a feel for whether or not they are interested in long-term employment.

It should be easy for potential candidates to reach out and follow-up with your business. Have multiple channels where they can reach out, including social media channels and email. This can help you stay plugged in and remain responsive to your current candidates. You may also consider having a third-party communicator, such as a staffing agency, involved. Doing so can keep your responsiveness consistent.

Gives Insight Into Your Business

Without knowing it, your responses give a special insight into your business for potential candidates. If you are not responsive during the application process, it may raise concerns that you won’t be an effective communicator in day-to-day business dealings.

When you are not responsive to a candidate, they will wonder about your responsiveness with clients as well as responsiveness in the workplace. If you do not communicate well, it could lead them to turn down a job offer even if they are the best-suited candidate for the job.

Providing consistent responses is important, as well. If you have followed up with candidates within 24 hours in the past, you should continue that practice. Consistency in your communications and responsiveness will portray a company with a solid foundation. For many candidates, this is a clue as to how things are handled with projects inside the business.

The Way You Respond is Part of Your Brand

When it boils down to it, the way you respond to potential candidates and new coming applicants is a part of your brand. Even if they do not join your staff, those candidates will walk away with ideas about your company, whether they are true or not. One of the things you don’t want them to walk away saying is that they are glad they did not get a position with your company due to communication efforts.

Instead, have a follow-up plan in place, even if you do not decide to hire that specific candidate. When other candidates in the industry talk about your business, this will make sure that your company comes off as organized and considerate.

Partnering with a recruitment firm can help you land top talent too. See how The Bradley Group can assist you with your staffing needs.

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