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How Do I Start Working with a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies can help professionals get recognized in their respective industries. If you haven’t ever worked with an agency before, there are a lot of questions and concerns that arise when considering whether or not you should consider a partnership. How much does it cost? How much work is involved? What if you get placed in a job that doesn’t quit your skills?

Here are some tips to help you start working with a staffing agency and on the right track with your career goals.

Decide What Your Career Goals Are

Before you begin working with a staffing agency, determine your career goals in the short and long-term. If you are only currently looking for a job to work while you are searching for a long-term career, make that known when you are speaking with staffing agencies.

Knowing what your goals are for your career will give the agency recruiters a better idea of how to best assist you. For example, if your long-term career goal is to run the HR consulting department of a large company, a recruiter can get you started in an entry-level human resources position that will put you on the right track to get there.

Set Up an Interview

Although you are not interviewing for a position with the staffing agency, per se, an interview with them will give you both a good idea if the partnership will be fruitful or not. The staffing firm needs to be a good fit for your industry and goals. You also need to be a good fit for the companies the firm partners with.

If your immediate goal is to get an entry-level job in the IT field, you wouldn’t want to pursue a staffing agency that specializes in placing manufacturing professionals. Define what the company focuses on and how they might help you. It is as much an interview for them as it is for you.

Talk About What You Bring to the Table

Highlight your key experience and discuss some of your top skills when you contact a staffing agency. You should also be sure to mention any limitations to hours you can work, what type of work you are open to, and any salary expectations you may have. This will prevent recruiters from approaching you with offers you are not interested in.

You can never be too thorough when covering your experience with a staffing agency. Every detail you provide can give them insight into what jobs might be a good fit.

Ask Questions

It is important to ask questions when you have them. In fact, try to come up with some questions even if you don’t have any off the bat. Ask about what industries they work in, what companies they represent, and if they offer any benefits. Being inquisitive will show your interest in the job or topic at hand.

The Bradley Group has a team of professionals who specialize in pairing your skills with the right position and company. Reach out to see how you can start working with a staffing agency today.

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