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Recruiting Best Practices for Finding Loyal and Qualified Talent

Recruiting changed in a big way in 2020. Many companies took their staffing efforts digital. Others had to double-down on recruitment as workspaces shifted into remote settings. In a competitive market like we are in today, how do you find and close the deal on the talent that will get the job done? Here are some of the recruiting best practices going into 2021.

Don’t Rely on Resumes Alone

Unless you are hiring a resume writer, you should not rely on the resume alone to decide the best candidate. Typically, they do not give you a good idea of what makes a qualified candidate for the job. Resumes only tell you who is good at writing a resume.

You don’t have to eliminate examining resumes from your hiring process entirely, but consider making them a less-important part of it all. Instead, place emphasis on testable relevant skills and create a system of testing potential candidates.

Pay Attention to Passive Candidates

There are a lot of potential benefits to hiring passive applicants. Your dream employee could very well be working with someone else right now. Right now, many people are clinging to their jobs. However, given the opportunity, they may be open to a job move. So, keep an eye on the more passive candidates.

You should also take a moment to consider past candidates. If you have done hiring in the recent past, take a look at your resume pile and see if there are any potential candidates you want to have back for another interview.

Make it Easy to Apply

Even the most loyal and qualified talent don’t want to be bothered with long, complicated applications. Make it easy to apply to positions within your company. If you want more information, then you can reach out. When there is no interest, be sure to say no quickly so the applicant can move on.

Market Your Brand to Potential Employees Too

One of the most important recruiting best practices is to remember that you are marketing your brand to your employees as well as your clients. Think about what your employer brand is, and be sure every step of the application process depicts that. If you are a very structured organization, depict that in your job description, application, and vetting steps. It is important they have a good idea of the company culture and brand when they apply. This will ensure you get more qualified applicants.

Stay Up-to-Date on Software

Staying up-to-date on software in the industry is another key tip in recruiting the best candidates. When you have the best equipment, you will attract the best talent. Individuals who are career-oriented and interested in the industry will seek out companies with the newest and greatest software, machines, and equipment.

Mention what programs and software are used within the job in the description, as well as any new programs your business may use. This will attract people interested in careers with leaders in the industry.

Get Professional Help

Staffing agencies can be a huge help if you are looking to source qualified talent for open positions within your company. They have a pool of untapped candidates that may be able to meet your specific needs. Partnering with a professional agency can help you decrease the time it takes to source loyal and reliable employees. Contact us to see if The Bradley Group can help you with your recruiting efforts in the year to come.

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