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Flexibility Benefits Leading Professionals Are Looking For

Flexibility in the workplace has been expanding in recent years and even more so throughout 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new sense of flexibility into the workforce. It has also changed what many employees are expecting their employers to provide, as well. These are the benefits that top leading professionals are looking for.

Why Offer Flexibility Benefits?

Offering the benefit of flexibility in the workplace has a number of benefits for employees as well as employers. It can help establish a better feeling of work-life balance for team members as well as a better sense of appreciation in the workplace.

Simultaneously, added flexibility has huge benefits for employers. Flexibility benefits help increase productivity, improve retention rates, and help boost overall morale in the workforce. There are a number of flexibility benefits you can offer your team to keep them focused and happy.

Optional Workdays or Altered Schedules

One of the easiest ways employers can offer flexibility to their staff is through scheduling. As easy as it is, it can make a big difference. Some businesses offer their employees the ability to choose their schedule. For instance, some team members might come in four days a week for 10 hours each day, giving them a three-day weekend every week.

Another “flextime” option some employers have started offering is staggering start schedules. This means that each employee can choose what time they come into work as long as their full workday is completed. Employees can start coming in from 6 a.m. until 12 p.m. and leave until 8 p.m. This and other altered schedules can help reduce the number of employees in the building at any given time. It can also give your staff flexibility to get errands done or take their time in the morning if they aren’t a morning person.

You can also offer other scheduled breaks. For example, you may find some of your staff benefits from a long mid-day break. Consider offering that as an option to your team. This can also allow them to get regular errands, like doctor’s visits and appointments are done without having to take off from work completely.

Remote Work

Consider what jobs within your organization can be done remotely as well. Offer these positions the ability to do so can help improve their feelings of work-life balance, as mentioned above. Some employees may want to telecommute full-time, while others will want to work remote only occasionally.

Offering to telecommute can make your employees feel safer within the workplace during the pandemic as well. The more employees that are able to continue their everyday processes at home, the less chance there is of them contracting the virus at work.

Childcare Opportunities

Another underrated flexibility benefit many employers don’t consider is childcare. Having in-house childcare or paid-for childcare for employees who are parents can be a huge help. This will prevent them from being unable to go to work due to childcare, and it can also produce loyal team members.

Have you ever considered working with an agency to help provide the flexibility your staff needs? Consult with The Bradley Group to see how their team can help.

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