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Warehouse Safety Tips to Be Compliant With in 2021

Warehouse employees and employers must be aware of a number of safety requirements and certifications necessary for maintaining a safe workplace. Every year, what it takes to run a safe warehouse changes. The following tips will help you maintain safety throughout the coming year.

Be Cognizant of Workflow and Workload Changes

Due to the pandemic, workflow and workload changes are more common than ever before. If someone in the warehouse is out sick, the workload shifts. Usually, this is taken care of by offering over-time. However, you should be wary of overworking your employees. Having someone on the worksite who is overworked can lead to accidents.

To ensure you are not overworking your crew, be sure to inquire about your employees’ well-being. It is also a good idea to have flexible staffing solutions to fall back on as well. Consider having a few part-time or contract workers on your team just in case you need extra help.

Mandatory Safety Paperwork

Every warehouse should have mandatory safety paperwork that each employee must sign. This forces them to review the safety information, acknowledge it, and state that they will adhere to it. There should also be signage around the warehouse to remind workers of what they should be doing to maintain a safe work environment.

Required Training for People Working in the Warehouse

There should be a set of training requirements every employee must meet before working in the warehouse.

Hold Safety Meetings to Remind Workers of Protocol

On top of providing proper safety training for each of your employees, there should also be regular meetings to remind them of the protocol put in place. Don’t wait until one of your employees hurts themselves to review safety measures. Instead, hold a monthly meeting to go over safety guidelines, new changes, and any seasonal safety protocols. Maintaining a monthly meeting will help drive home the importance of safety in the warehouse while providing your team with the information they need.

Adhere to General OSHA Warehouse Safety Tips

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a set of go-to safety guidelines for warehouse employees. This is a good starting place for crafting your own set of rules for the workplace. Each of these rules needs to be followed to be in federal and state compliance. Things such as warehouse ventilation, clear aisles and floors, dangerous areas being roped off, and other guidelines are required by government officials. So, be sure to check the OSHA guidelines to be sure each of your rules meets the government requirements.

Work With Human Resources More Closely

Throughout 2020, employers saw an emphasis put on employee well-being and health. This will continue into 2021, so it will be important to have a strong human resources department. Be sure your employees know the avenues they need to take to file complaints or receive assistance. Create a culture where your employees feel comfortable expressing problems or safety concerns.

Have the Right Team on Your Side

Last, but not least, having the right team in your warehouse is key to staying safe and profitable in the new year. You want to be sure your employees are properly trained, have the right experience, and certifications to do the job at hand. Working with a staffing agency can put you in touch with candidates who are a good fit. See how working with The Bradley Group can help you construct the perfect team.

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