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Job Search Hacks to Finding a Position Through Social Media

The way people communicate has drastically changed over recent years. Similarly, the way in which they find, apply, and interview for potential jobs has changed as well. Of course, technology has played a key role in these changes, but social media has too. While it may seem odd, you can effectively find a position through social media. Here are a few tips that will help.

Evaluate Your Pages

Comb your social media pages for anything that may be inappropriate or may shine a bad light on you. Oftentimes, people post unflattering photos or inappropriate memes. Be sure there is no way your page will show any of that to a potential employer.

Present a Professional Image

Present a professional image across your social media profiles. If you are using social media to find a job, you will want to be sure your page is as professional as possible. For instance, on Facebook, you may want to change your profile photo to something a bit more serious. On LinkedIn, you may update your recent skills and ask for endorsements.

Be Truthful and Authentic

Being your most authentic self is the best way to land a job that you will love. Authenticity will make sure that you wind up with a company whose culture matches your beliefs and desires for your career. Being authentic on social media can give potential employers and recruiters a good idea of whether you may be a good fit.

Use Your Pages to Network

Find ways to use your social media pages to network with other professionals in your field. Many people use LinkedIn to connect with individuals they have worked with, or would like to work with. You can use your other pages to network as well, especially if your industry is more prominent elsewhere. For example, many manufacturing positions can be found also listed on Facebook.

Increase Your Engagement

Start becoming more engaged in social media in general. This will give you a chance to see what is out there as well as let employers know you are actively searching. Many social media sites have job search groups that can assist you. Increase your engagement in these groups so you become more visible to those doing the hiring.

Become an Expert

Last, but not least, you can display your expertise on social media to further a potential employer’s interest in you. Research ways other individuals are marketing their skills via social media and push your expertise that way. Being a pro at something makes you more valuable and, you never know, a company could be looking for someone with your exact skills. Showing them off on social media will only help improve the chances of finding you.

Working with staffing professionals can help you in your job search as well. If you are looking for a certain job, a recruitment agency can help you discover where the best places to apply and communicate are. See how The Bradley Group can assist you in your search.\

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