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How to Talk to Your Boss About Transportation and Your Commute

Sometimes the perfect job is farther away from where you live than desired. This can put a hinderance on your overall productivity and, sometimes, even your happiness in the workplace. Thankfully, there are ways to go about talking to your boss about transportation and your commute. Here are a few things to consider.

Time Saver

When you approach your boss about your commute, be prepared to highlight ways that reducing or eliminating your transportation to work will help improve productivity. One of the biggest ways reducing your commute can help is by saving time. If you are typically spending two or more hours in the car on the way to-and-from work each day, those two hours could be used more productively.

Scheduling Alternatives

Telework, or remote work, has risen in popularity, especially during the pandemic. You may also consider suggesting staggered workdays so that you come into the office a few days a week and work from home a few days a week. Think about what parts of your job can be done remotely or how a flexible schedule might benefit you. Be ready to outline these benefits directly with your boss before bringing it up.

Shuttle or Railways Services

Another thing that many people who approach their managers about their commute discuss is the possibility of a shuttle service. Some companies have been able to provide a shuttle service from their building to the train station. This can help ease the commute for you a bit. You may also consider asking for a voucher to use public transit or railway systems so that you can use your transportation time wisely. Many professionals are able to take calls or tie up a few last-minute work tasks on the train on the way into work. However, if you are truly tired of the commute, this won’t entirely alleviate your problem.

Morale Boost

Even the shorter commutes of 25 minutes add up to hours per week lost. It can lead to decreased motivation and feeling less focused day-to-day. The length of the commute is often a reason people wind up leaving their jobs. Talk to your boss about how remote work or flexible scheduling could help boost morale for you personally, especially if you are feeling drained. Discuss what remote or flexible opportunities that may work for you.

Increased Productivity

If your commute has caused you to be late or less-than-focused at work, reducing your transportation time can lead to increased productivity. Consider ways the saved commute time may impact your workflow and talk with your boss about them. You may want to suggest a trial period for a new work schedule or telecommuting. This will give you a chance to show your boss that getting rid of your commute or altering your schedule can help boost their bottom line as well.

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