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Simple Ways to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Having a diverse workplace can help improve productivity, boost morale, and create an overall happier environment. Because it can have such a profound impact on day-to-day activities, many business owners have been searching for ways to promote diversity and inclusion in their companies. Here are a few things to consider.

Provide Bias Training

Be sure that everyone on your team is given bias training. While everyone on your team may strive to not act with bias, it can be difficult. Providing training for your staff will help ensure they know what the standard is. Bias training can help create a safe space for your employees within the workplace by raising awareness and giving your team the tools they need to change biased behaviors.

Offer a Mentorship Program

Find ways to connect underrepresented individuals on your staff with mentors, both internal and external. You should also encourage your staff to seek out professional organizations in your industry. These mentorship programs can help your team get additional support and promote growth.

Create a Healthy Company Culture

From the start, you should strive to create a healthy company culture where your employees will feel comfortable expressing themselves. Validate your employees no matter what their background may be. They should not be timid coming forward with thoughts or opinions because they fear losing their job.

Encourage Personal Reflection

Reflecting on your own actions and how you present yourself professionally is important. Take a look at your own professional network. How diverse is it? Are most of the leaders in your network men? Consider how you can diversify your own connections in the industry. When you do this, it will help set an example for the rest of your team.

Have Open Discussion

Encourage open discussion within your organization. This means going beyond just diversifying your immediate staff. You should try to diversify the businesses you partner with and search for ways to expand your talent pool. Find seminars for your staff to attend that include a diverse range of speakers from the industry.

Establish Flexible Mandatory Holidays

Set a number of paid mandatory holidays for your company but allow them to be flexible. Offering flexible holidays can allow employees who do not celebrate traditional holidays to still take the time off that they need. This means your staff will have a set number of holidays each year and they can choose the days they celebrate. For individuals who may want to attend festivals or unique celebrations, this can help them feel more included in the workplace.

Value All Diversity

When you are striving for a diverse workplace you should value all diversity. This means you should be looking to include men, women, people of color, and people with different abilities. You should also include everyone’s opinions and ideas when it comes to projects and goals. This will help you achieve a more inclusive workplace overall.

If you have diversity goals you would like to reach this year working with a staffing agency can help you reach them. Contact us at The Bradley Group to see how our team of professionals can help your organization.

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