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5 Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Professional Growth

LinkedIn and other social media channels have become more important during the job finding process. Recruiters and managers take a look at a candidate’s profile while they are reviewing their resume. What they see can sway their decision one way or the other. Here are five ways LinkedIn can improve your professional growth.

Build a Strong Profile

When you set up your LinkedIn profile create a headline that correctly summarizes your core skills. Choose a photo that depicts you as a professional. In your summary, be sure to highlight accomplishments and the main focus in your career. You should also regularly update your skills, communities, professional organizations, and job experience as well. If you have additional work samples to share, add them to your profile as well.

Interact Proactively

Connect your LinkedIn with your other accounts, such as email, Facebook, and other professional networks. You can use your existing contacts to build on your LinkedIn network. Reach out to former colleagues, professors, mentors, and fellow students. Then, once you begin to have connections, you can interact with them by commenting on posts, joining groups, and sharing relevant materials.

Produce Regular Content

Speaking of sharing relevant materials, you should share regular content on your LinkedIn profile to ensure professional growth. On this platform, you can share posts and write articles directly on LinkedIn. Many professionals benefit from doing a mixture of both. It is suggested that you post once a day between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. However, sticking to a schedule with posting is key. If you post once per week, it can still gain traction if you are consistent.

Utilize the Recommendations

LinkedIn allows you to get endorsements from colleagues as well as recommendations. Similar to references, recommendations can offer a potential employer insight into what you are able to offer their company. Endorsements can also help you gain the attention of employers, especially if you have expertise in a specific area. You should reciprocate endorsements and recommendations within your network too.

Monitor Industry News

Follow the organizations you are interested in in your industry. Doing this can put you on the radar and also give you an idea of what positions may be available. Join relevant groups for your industry and add connections who are connected to your ideal company or job. You can also keep an eye out for other industry news, like new companies on the horizon and changes occurring that will impact your professional life. Doing this can give you a competitive advantage against other applicants because you are already connected to the network at-large. You are also up-to-date on all of the latest changes and news in the industry, which makes you a valuable asset as well.

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