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Why Right Now is the Perfect Time to Find Temporary Employees

Over the past year, there have been a plethora of changes to the job market and how employers are looking to staff their companies. Many companies have had to look at using contract and temporary employees for certain needs while shifting away from more traditional employment options. Here are some reasons right now is the perfect time for you to look into adding temp workers to your staff.

Grow Your Talent Pool

Working with temporary employees helps you expand your reach as an employer. By working with temp workers, you will come across more people in your industry. Word travels fast, so employees will likely get to know more about your company culture and brand from an insider. This means that more individuals in the industry will be giving your organization attention when it comes time to look for a new job.

It Is Cost-Effective

Adding a temp worker to your team can be a cost-effective way of staffing your business. You don’t typically pay these employees a salary. They are on an hourly rate and they don’t usually receive benefits either until you offer them a full-time spot on the staff. Though it may seem small, this can save your company a bit of money. During the pandemic, many organizations have been looking for ways to trim cost, this may be a great way for you to meet your new budgeting needs.

Improve Employee Morale

If you have been short-staffed, using temporary workers to help fill the gaps can give your full-time team the breaks they need. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been a problem. If one employee needs time off due to being sick or quarantined, the rest of the team has to pick up the slack. Temp workers can make this a non-issue. You can have a group of employees you know you can rely on to step in and do the job at hand. Overall, this will help improve employee morale because your team feels valued and can receive the work-life balance they all need.


Room for Flexibility

Another fantastic perk of finding temporary employees is that it can offer flexibility to you and the employee both. As an employer, you can decrease or increase the capacity you want the employee on board. If your needs change, the position can change. Because they are a temp worker, they can be flexible in this way while still providing for your needs.

You Could Find Your Next Star Employee

As mentioned, temp workers offer some flexibility. That being said, if you enjoy working with them and admire their work ethic, making them a permanent member of the team may be a great idea. Best of all, you already know what type of worker they are so you know that you are making a good investment by bringing them on board.

Working with a recruitment agency can help you source and hire temporary employees within your industry. Contact us at The Bradley Group to see how we can assist you in your staffing needs.

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