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Why Ghosting is on The Rise and What to Do

Both candidate and employee “ghosting” is on the rise. This doesn’t mean your workplace will be haunted, but it can have a profound impact on your organization. Ghosting refers to applicants, candidates, and current employees simply disappearing in the middle of the hiring process or employment. So, why is this trend on the rise and what can you do to combat it?

Why It Is Becoming a Trend

Many businesses have reported that between 20% and 50% of job applicants have disappeared during the application process or being a no-show in one way or the other. Usually, applicants will leave calls unanswered and emails or text ignored. This leaves employers questioning why this happened.

While the job market has changed significantly during the pandemic, employees are still being choosy about what jobs they will and will not take. This trend first came into sight in 2019 when people were coming out of the Great Recession. Employees were demanding more from their employers. If their needs were not going to be met, they simply ghosted scheduled interviews and possibly even their jobs to look for something better.

So, what can you do to avoid getting ghosted?

Communicate Well

First and foremost, you need to be sure you are communicating well with both potential and current employees. When you are open with communication and straight-forward, they will be too. They will also feel more comfortable about expressing needs and desires when it comes to their career and position with your company. Display the type of communication you expect from them and you will receive the same in return. Think of it as leading by example.

Offer Competitive Benefits

Another thing company leaders don’t often consider is what other organizations in the industry are offering in terms of benefits and how they compare to what you are providing. If you are not competitive in what you are giving your employees and offering potential candidates, they will know that. Do some digging and find out what companies in the industry are offering. You should also survey your employees to see what they feel they are lacking in benefits or compensation. This can help prevent being ghosted.

Create a Positive Company Culture

Don’t forget to create an environment where people enjoy working. Your company culture will ultimately be your employer brand. Other people in the industry will know how you treat your employees, what day-to-day life in the organization is like, and whether you are someone they want to work for or not. Put work into creating a culture where your employees thrive and have a positive work experience.

Work With a Staffing Agency

There are a number of ways you can combat the rise in ghosting. Working with a recruitment agency can help you avoid this letdown. Professional staffing firms source and vet potential candidates and can identify when a potential employee will be reliable or not. Additionally, it doesn’t waste your time when the candidate decides to ghost the job. Instead, the recruiting agency handles communication with the applicant. If they back out, it won’t be time wasted on your end.

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