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3 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job in Quality Control

Any time you interview for a position much of the conversation is focused on you, your experience, and answers to the interviewer’s questions. At the end of your interview, many hiring managers typically ask if you have any questions for them. These questions can tell them a lot about you as an employee but they can also let you know whether or not you actually want to work for the company. Before accepting a job in quality control. Ask these three questions.

What Are Your Expectations for This Role?

In general, you need to get a sense of what they are looking for in a perfect candidate. More specifically, ask about their quarterly goals and what will be expected of you in the position during your first three months. This is a way of setting yourself up for success before you are even hired. However, if the hiring manager struggles to answer your question about expectations, be wary. This may mean that they don’t have any clear expectations for the role.

You may also want to follow up on this question with, “What are some of the challenges I will face in this position?” Oftentimes, the interviewer will be upfront with an overview of company politics that may prove to be an obstacle. Again, if the interviewer says there are no obstacles or has no answer. This isn’t a good sign. There are always challenges, no matter what position you are taking.

What Values Are Important to Your Company?

Getting a feel for the company’s values is always a good idea. For instance, if safety is a large priority for your potential employer. That will be key to your position in quality control. You also want to know what your fellow employees are all working toward. Then you can make the decision as to whether or not the organization’s values align with your own. If different people in the company answer this question differently, beware. This may mean that the entire company is not aligned with the same goals. Their answer should reflect how their values are integrated into every position within the company, including your potential job in quality control.

What is the Company Culture Like?

Similar to asking about company values, you should also inquire about the culture. Get an idea of what it is really like to work there and how the employees interact with one another. If you are someone who enjoys teamwork but their company thrives on individual projects, it may not be the job for you. You may also form the question in terms of what the company’s stance on work-life balance is or what a typical workday for someone in your position looks like. Determine what is important to you, whether it is the ability to work remotely or whatever your desires are, and then see if the company culture will fit those needs.

Knowing what questions to ask during an interview can be almost as difficult as finding a job. The professionals at The Bradley Group can help you find a position that fits your skills and prepare for your interview. Contact us to see what companies we can put you in touch with.

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