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Best Ways to Actively Recruit STEM Graduates

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields are constantly growing. In fact, jobs in the STEM field are growing faster than in any other profession. Because the field is always progressing, many companies want to try and scoop up recent graduates who have updated knowledge. So, what are the best ways to actively recruit STEM graduates?

Graduates Seem to Prefer Smaller Companies

Good news for smaller businesses searching for STEM graduates, new grads seem to prefer smaller companies. Less than 20% of recent graduates want to work at a large company. So, proving that you have a close-knit workplace may be key to recruiting STEM graduates. However, even if you are not considered to be a small business, there are ways to recruit these individuals.

Advertise Your Company in the Job Listing

Every job description you post should be trying to sell not only the position but your company as a whole. Be as descriptive as possible about your company’s mission, values, and role. When you start listing what you are looking for in the ideal candidate, be sure you mention the hard and soft skills you are searching for. You should also mention you are looking for someone who is passionate about your organization’s mission. Include information about job perks like schedule flexibility. These are things recent grads typically look for.

Be Sure to Include Your Company Mission

Another great way to recruit STEM graduates is by including your company mission on your website and other materials. Most of them are looking for ways to do good in the world, especially as they embark on their first job venture. Explain the why behind your business rather than what you do. This will excite recent grads who are interested in your business’s mission.

Create a Social Presence

Younger employees want an overall great employment experience. Work to create social opportunities within your organization. This may be done by establishing activities they can do together. Some companies have trivia nights or poker championships that bring their team together.

Beyond this, you should also work to create a social media presence. This will help you reach younger candidates and depict the kind of atmosphere you offer as an employer.

Use Alumni to Reach Out

You may have individuals working with your company now that graduated from local universities. Consider having them visit their alma mater to speak with upcoming STEM graduates. Talking with someone who graduated from their school and potentially was in a similar situation can draw more grads in to apply to positions with your company. They can also discuss information about your company culture and what you have to offer with graduates.

Consider Less Accomplished Applicants

STEM graduates aren’t likely to have years of experience under their belts. At most, they may have some internships and limited on-the-job experience. They may not have the polished soft skills you are looking for but it isn’t a reason to pass them up altogether. If you pair them with a good mentor on the job, they can learn how to communicate well, solve problems, and learn other soft skills.

Another great way to recruit the best employees for your company’s needs is to partner with a staffing agency. Contact The Bradley Group to see how our team of professionals can help your organization.

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