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5 Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

Implementing the help of a staffing agency during your job search can make a world of difference. You may find work faster, gain access to jobs you wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and even be able to make career moves thanks to the help of an agency. Here are several of the benefits of working with a staffing agency.

Career Mentorship and Advice

One significant benefit of working with a staffing agency to find work is the additional mentorship and advice you can gain. When you approach an agency for help in your job search, most put time into finding out what your career aspirations are and establish what skills you possess. With this information, they can provide you with valuable feedback about what your next steps need to be to reach your long-term career goals. Overall, candidates who employ the assistance of a staffing agency enter the recruitment process with more confidence.

Get Hired Faster

Staffing agencies can also help you get hired faster. Sometimes, when a company only recruits internally it can take more time than working with an agency. They have to go through each applicant individually. Similarly, when you work with a staffing agency to find a new job, you will have access to more positions, companies, and opportunities than if you were going through postings one by one.

Saves Time and Effort

Speaking of getting hired faster, when you are individually applying to multiple jobs it takes a lot of time and effort. You will only need to put in a single application with a staffing agency and it will give you access to numerous employers at once. Not to mention, you will only have to fill out one form and attend one screening instead of multiple.


No matter what kind of position you are looking for, staffing agencies have something available that will fit your needs. If you are trying to get a feel for the industry or what direction you want your career to go they can place you in temporary positions so you can see where you like working the best. On top of that, if you are only looking for seasonal work or a part-time position, they can help you find a job that suits your needs.

Access to Specialized Knowledge

Another one of the many benefits of working with a staffing agency is that you get access to specialized knowledge. Each agency typically works with employers in a specific industry, giving them increased knowledge about what skills are needed for the job. They can also give you tips and information to help you stand out among other applicants. This ensures that you are a good fit for any position you step into. It reduces the risk of you getting placed in a job that doesn’t make sense for your skills, ending in termination or you being unhappy in the workplace. Their expertise is used to put you in a position to succeed.

Whether you are looking for a new job or searching for the perfect candidate to fill a position in your organization, the professionals at The Bradley Group can help you. See how our team can assist you.

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