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You MUST Include These 3 Things In Your Job Descriptions

When you are on the search for a new employee to add to your staff there are a number of things to consider. However, finding the most qualified candidate for the job starts with your job listing. Here are three things you must include in your job descriptions to get quality applicants.

Detail Specific Responsibilities

The job title is the very first thing a potential applicant will see when they encounter your listing. It gives the candidate a brief description of the position that they will hold. It’s also the first impression they receive of the job as a whole. Job titles can give the applicant an idea of whether or not they will be a good fit for the job. So, it is important the job title is descriptive and accurate.

In addition to including the job title you are seeking to fill, you should take the time to detail what the person’s specific responsibilities will be. Many employers do this by listing what the responsibilities will be in bullet list style. It is important to write these responsibilities with both current and future company goals in mind. After all, their position will grow as the company progresses. Thus, it is a good idea to prep them for how their responsibilities might change.

List Qualifications

Consider what qualifications are necessary to get the job done. Typical qualifications employers tend to include in their description are things like “high school diploma required” or “Bachelor’s degree in a related field.” Take time to really think about what is absolutely necessary to get the work done and what things can be learned on the job.

Don’t bog down your job description with a long list of qualifications if they aren’t 100% needed for the job. This will greatly hinder your search for candidates. Many applicants can be discouraged from submitting their resumes if they feel they don’t meet every single qualification. So, if you are including things that aren’t actually necessary, you could be narrowing your talent pool.

Include Logistics

Be sure you include information about the salary, benefits, and work culture as well. Detail any potential relocation requirements or remote work opportunities available. If you are hoping to fill a part-time position, include the hours and days they will be expected to work.

On top of all of that, you should also include the logistics of applying to the position in the job description as well. For instance, if the application process is only going to be open for a certain period of time, inform candidates about that. You should also make any application requirements known in the description as well. Note how files should be submitted and provide contact information for following up with the application as well.

Crafting the perfect job description, interviewing and vetting candidates, and making hiring decisions is a lot of work and can often decrease productivity in the workplace. Hiring the help of a staffing agency can lessen the burden on your organization. Contact The Bradley Group to see how our team of professionals can assist you in the hiring process.


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