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3 Things Employees Want in a New Job

When you embark on the search for a new hire, there are a number of things you should consider. Of course, you want to be sure you are getting the best possible talent for the job. To do that, you must also think about what you offer as an employer. Benefits, wages, and company culture all come into play when landing the best candidates. Here are three things employees want in a new job.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Communication is key when it comes to landing quality candidates for your organization. Beyond communicating through the hiring process, you will also want to be sure you communicate expectations and goals for the position as well. Let them know what their responsibilities and objectives will be. More importantly, paint a picture of how their duties will tie in with the organization’s bottom line as a whole.

This not only gives them an idea of what they should be shooting for but also lets them know exactly what they are responsible for. When you provide this type of clear communication, it leaves less room for performance issues, which usually stem from a lack of communication. Setting these expectations and goals shouldn’t be a one-time conversation either. It should be reviewed on at least a quarterly basis.

Offer Room for Growth

Another thing that is important for incoming employees is that there is room for growth in the position and company as a whole. Generally, people will be more motivated when there are opportunities to develop their skills. So, it is important to find ways to help your team expand their knowledge about the industry. Some common ways employers invest in their employees’ growth are by offering developmental training, ways to “climb the ladder” in the company, and mentorship programs.

Similarly, you should have ongoing training programs for your staff. They need to work to maintain their current skills and build upon them, especially as the technology and industry as a whole change. Some of the most successful companies in the world provide between 40 and 60 hours of training for their employees each year.

Give Recognition and Praise

You should recognize a job well done and establish that practice as a part of your company culture. When your team feels good about what they are doing in the workplace, the better they will perform. You can verbally recognize progress, achievements and goals reached. Some employers even offer small perks to further motivate their team, such as a Friday off or a paid lunch. All of these things can help motivate your team.

In the same vein, many employees don’t feel respected at work. It is important to build your team up, not break them down. Be sure that, even when you have to provide criticism, you are offering constructive thoughts and not breaking employees down.

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