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With Employee Turnover Rising, How Do You Make Them Stay?

Employee turnover is on the rise. Many people are looking for better work environments, better pay, improved benefits, and other job perks. So, how do you make your employees want to stay?

Emphasize Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest changes to the job market since COVID-19 is that many employees are searching for jobs that will allow for improved work-life balance. Many employees have even noted that they have left previous jobs because of the lack of balance. They felt they couldn’t take time off or do the things they needed to do in their personal lives. Without providing work-life balance for your staff, they will become burnt out quickly. This will ultimately lead to higher turnover rates.

Do what you can to offer flexibility to your employees. Some companies have transitioned into remote work settings, which allows for more flexibility. You may consider offering this or a flex work schedule that allows them to work around their personal obligations. These small perks can offer your employees peace of mind.

Listen to Your Employees

Many employees wind up leaving their jobs because they feel their feedback is not listened to. In fact, many employees say that there is never any action taken on their feedback. This leads to your staff feeling disconnected and can seriously harm your company culture and morale. When you ask your staff for feedback, listen and take action. This will make them feel more valued in the workplace.

Offer Recognition

Another thing many employees are lacking that leads them to leave their job is recognition. Employers should strive to recognize a job well done. When your staff doesn’t feel appreciated, they will be less motivated and more inclined to look elsewhere for work. You should provide recognition on a monthly basis, at a minimum. Be sure all of the recognition you provide is timely, meaning soon after the achievement is made. It should also be made public and provide specific details about what was accomplished and how it provides value to the organization. Doing this will engage your employees more and establish good morale among your team.

Commit to Diversity and Inclusion

Companies that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace have lower turnover rates, in general. Find a way for your organization to support the differences among your staff members and make sure everyone feels like they belong. This will help you improve engagement and overall performance in the workplace. Not to mention, diverse companies have proven to be more profitable as well. So, it is a win-win for everyone.

Utilize a Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency can help you greatly reduce turnover. In some cases, the agency will take care of the pay rate and benefits for employees. So, you don’t have to consider what you need to do to remain competitive in that aspect. Beyond that, staffing firms can help identify employees that are a good fit for your organization as a whole. They will have the mindset to fit into your company culture and the right skills to perform their duties. Contact The Bradley Group to learn more about how our agency can assist your business with its hiring needs.



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