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Have You Considered a Career in Staffing?

While many job seekers may turn to staffing agencies for help in their search they don’t always consider working as a recruiter as a potential career. Recruitment is one of the fastest-growing careers right now due to companies’ need for quality candidates and high demand. If that has you thinking about pursuing a career in staffing, here is what you can expect.

It is Sales-Oriented

Before you even begin to consider a career in staffing, you should know that recruiting is a sales-oriented job. It isn’t for everyone. You may have to cold-call clients or candidates in order to move forward with business. These are often quick business calls that allow you to detail what you can do for them as a client or candidate.


Though it is sales-oriented, you won’t have two days just alike when you work in staffing. Every day is fast-paced and the environment is target-based. You will always be working towards a common goal with your coworkers. For many people, this is both fun and challenging environment to work in and the perfect company culture for them.

Generating Great Talent is Key

That being said, a career in staffing is performance-driven. Much of your day will be spent searching for great talent to add to your organization’s network. You will use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and job boards to find new talent. Then you will match those candidates to job descriptions from your clients. Once you have identified potential applicants, you can put your best talent forward for the job.

All your hard work sourcing talent will contribute to your overall performance. Many agencies will have you meet key performance metrics. So, if you are motivated by performance-driven work, a career in staffing may be the perfect move. Great candidates will drive your success because as long as you are delivering quality employees, your clients will be happy.

Learn to Deliver Pitches

To land the best clients and the candidates, you have to be able to give a good pitch. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting clients who are in constant need of your services. You need to work hard to impress them and gain their business. Delivering pitches on why your agency is the one they want to partner with will be a huge part of your job.

There Are Often Rewards

Of course, many employers offer recognition for a job well done. However, staffing agencies tend to go beyond a simple “good job” when they reward recruiters. You typically get a commission for new clients that you sign. Other rewards might include career development opportunities and additional training to help you expand your skills. If having a job where development and continuing your education is important, recruiting is a great career to look into.

Whether you are changing careers or considering a new job in staffing, the Bradley Group can help you in your search. Learn more about job opportunities available to you when you work with us.

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