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Warehouse Safety Compliance Tips for 2022

Improved warehouse safety is a resolution every manager should be making in 2022. Safety plays such an enormous role in productivity and employee happiness. Beyond that, maintaining a safe workspace can save your organization a lot of money in injuries, lawsuits, and fines. Here are a few tips to help your staff with warehouse safety compliance.

Report Unsafe Conditions ASAP

One way to ensure compliance is to make sure it is possible for your employees to report unsafe conditions efficiently. Have a system that makes it easy for them to report any safety concerns. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to come forward with a complaint, especially if it involves another employee. So, have a system where they can report virtually or submit a form in a discreet way. This will help ensure everyone on the team is adhering to safety standards.

Keep Your Procedures Up to Date

Make sure you are staying up to date with the latest procedures and policies being used in the industry. Take note of any changes being made and adjust your company’s policies accordingly. For instance, many warehouses are requiring COVID tests or vaccination. Masks in the workplace are also common now.

Shortcuts Shouldn’t Be Taken With Safety

When it comes to safety compliance in 2022, shortcuts are a no-no. Where heavy machinery and other warehouse tools are concerned, it is crucial that each piece of equipment is used properly. As an employer, you have the obligation to make sure that each of your staff members is properly trained and knows to never take any shortcuts. Cutting corners can lead to serious accidents on the job.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is important. Oftentimes, warehouse workers are on the clock for long shifts. Getting up and moving around on a regular basis can decrease the risk of stress injuries that lead to lasting back pain or other problems. Encouraging staff to get up and move around for a few minutes every hour can help maintain their health and safety.

Set Emergency Protocols

There needs to be a plan in place in the event of an emergency. Be sure that your entire staff knows what needs to happen if an emergency takes place. For example, many warehouses will have a fire plan posted or emergency directions if someone comes into contact with a chemical. Set these protocols and educate your employees about them. This will help you prevent serious injury during an emergency situation.

Conduct Safety Surveys

Getting feedback from your staff is a great way to ensure you are meeting safety compliance standards. Conduct regular safety surveys to get a feel for how your team is complying with safety standards. You might also discover areas where improvements could be made that you were not already aware of. For example, there may be a particularly dangerous area on the floor that hasn’t been brought to your attention. Surveys can provide you with that information, plus you will get feedback on any of your current safety efforts.

It’s Time to Partner with The Bradley Group

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