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4 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Attract New Talent

Attracting new talent to your company can be a challenge. You need to know what is drawing in new applicants for your competitors, but you also need to be innovative in the way you think about things. Here are some lesser-tried, but still effective, ways to attract new talent to your organization.

Blog About It

A company blog can actually help recruit new employees to your organization. Blog about company events, current projects, inspirational employees, work culture, and other related topics. All of the information you put out on the blog is yet another way for potential applicants to gain awareness of your brand.

Beyond your website, social media is also a place many candidates look to learn more about a company. Don’t forget to share useful information (and your blog posts) there too.

Try Out Jobcasting

Jobcasting, like podcasting, tells a story. Jobcasts are 10 to 20-minute interviews with company executives or seasoned employees. The sound bite or video is typically uploaded to the “careers” portion of the website. During the interview, the person talks about their career, experience with the company, what they enjoy about working there and make comments on the overall work culture. This is yet another way to spread information about your company to potential candidates.

Recruiting videos have also started to rise in popularity. Creating video content can help you provide a visual of what it is like to work with your company. These kinds of interactive recruiting tools will help you attract talent that is truly a good fit for your organization.

Recruit Volunteers

Many businesses don’t consider recruiting volunteers as a way to find new talent, but it can be. If you are a non-profit organization, you can hire volunteers. These individuals will have a chance to work with your company and decide if it is a good fit or not. Down the road, if the opportunity arises, they may want to transition into full-time work. The people who volunteer for your company can also serve as a talent pool all on their own.

Partner With Companies That Are Downsizing

Other companies in your industry that are downsizing can be a good resource for new talent as well. Partner with companies that are restructuring or downsizing. When they make changes, you will be one of the first to know. Then you can begin to tap into their network of employees to see if there is any fresh talent that would help your business’s bottom line. This strategy not only helps you find a new employee without much effort, but it helps someone else find work more quickly. It’s a win-win.

Get Help From the Professionals at the Bradley Group

Many companies enlist the help of staffing professionals to find new talent. The recruiters at the Bradley Group can assist your company in attracting the top talent in your industry and help with every step of the hiring process. Contact us to learn more about how partnering with our staffing firm can change your business for the better.

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