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Easy Way to Find a New Job? Let’s Talk Employee Referrals

Searching for a new job can be challenging. There are so many different job boards, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, etc. It can be hard to pinpoint positions that are exciting or where you feel like you’d thrive. More importantly, sometimes the best jobs out there are just hard to get. That’s where working your network and getting an employee referral can make a huge difference.

Search Through Your Existing Network

To receive an employee referral, you should start by searching your current network. Look for people you know who are working with companies you’d like to work with. After identifying someone in your network who may have the connection you need, start the conversation by asking about a specific job listing. Don’t leave the discussion open-ended by asking if there are any openings.

Instead, come to your network connection with information about an open position that you think you’d be a good fit for. Ask them if they know who you should speak to and explain that you are interested in the job. It’s a good idea to include a copy of your resume in the note as well.

Make Sure You Ask Permission

Not everyone will be comfortable with you dropping their name in an interview or during the hiring process. Be sure you ask permission to use the person as a reference. Using them to get a job on their referral without permission will cause you to lose their trust. It will also give you a poor professional reputation and may make it difficult to receive referrals in the future.

Use the Reference in Your Hiring Materials

Once you have gained permission to use the person as a reference, be sure to use them in your cover letter and hiring materials. Many companies have a line asking, “How did you learn about the job?” This is the perfect spot to mention that you are connected with one of their employees. In your initial email and cover letter be sure to mention knowing them as well. This will help the hiring manager draw an existing connection between you and the business.

Give Your Reference Progress Reports

Obviously, you don’t need to keep them updated on your daily job search. However, it is a good practice to update your reference on any progress there may have been. If you have been interviewed or you are moving through any step of the hiring process, let them know where you stand. They may even be able to give you some inside knowledge on how the hiring process is going on the employer’s side.

Working With a Staffing Agency Can Make a Huge Difference

Working with a staffing agency like the Bradley Group can help you find a job in a similar manner. Because the companies we work with trust us and our opinions, the employer is more likely to consider a candidate that comes through our agency. After all, we know exactly what they are looking for and have maybe even successfully placed candidates in the past.

Learn more about the job opportunities available to you when you work with the Bradley Group and contact us to get started.

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