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Use A Recruiter To Find A Manufacturing Job & Grow Your Career

Careers in manufacturing are hot right now, and the job market in this sector shows no sign of cooling off. Currently, manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States. However, despite the booming nature of the industry, a great manufacturing job isn’t a guarantee when you’re searching on your own. If you are thinking of kickstarting or growing your career, working with an expert manufacturing recruiting company can give you a leg up.

Moving Beyond The Entry Level In Your Manufacturing Career

Pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry can present numerous opportunities. Best of all, most manufacturing jobs allow you to start at an entry-level position and move up. So, it can truly lead to a long-term fulfilling career. Here are a few ways you can move beyond the entry-level jobs in the manufacturing sector.

On-the-Job Manufacturing Training Opportunities

Many employers in the manufacturing industry offer on-the-job training. This means that you can come in with little-to-no experience and learn everything from the ground up. They are also more willing to pay for certifications and licenses if they are needed.


Because there is so much room for advancement in the industry, mentorship is common. More senior staff members will take new employees under their wing. This allows them to show you the ropes and give you insight into what it takes to be successful in the company. Relationships like this at work help facilitate growth beyond the entry-level jobs in your manufacturing career.

Manufacturing Offers Lifelong Career Opportunities

Many people who work in the manufacturing industry find a lifelong career there. Jobs pay well and have good benefits. You will also likely receive contributions to your retirement through 401k matching and other company plans.

The Pitfalls of A Solo Manufacturing Job Search

Finding a job in the manufacturing industry can be a challenge. When it comes to portraying company culture and other perks of working with a business, the manufacturing industry still has some room for improvement. Job postings are often incomplete or provide little information beyond the salary and job title.

This type of job description makes it difficult to pinpoint what type of company it is. You aren’t able to determine whether you’d be a good fit by reading the job listing. Not to mention, you can’t really evaluate employers for safety or modernized equipment through a job post. Then, even if you do find a job that you feel is a good fit, it is hard to get a callback.

Oftentimes, employers in this sector work with staffing agencies to place new team members. In some cases, it is the only way they source new hires.

Can A Recruiter Help You In Your Manufacturing Job Search?

That being said, partnering with a recruiter can help you find jobs in manufacturing. Instead of solo searching and submitting dozens of applications, working with a professional manufacturing recruiter will put you in touch with employers that fit your long-term career goals and immediate needs. Below are several ways a recruiter can help you in your search.

Manufacturing Recruiters Can Shorten Your Job Search

When compared to the solo job search, working with a recruiter can save you a lot of time. They are already connected with employers in the manufacturing industry and know what is available. More than that, they know what it takes to be successful in specific positions. Recruiters often have decades of experience in the industry. So, they can pinpoint the right opportunities for you quickly.

Maintain Regular Communication

Solo searching for a job often leads to crickets. Employers don’t always provide communication confirming the receipt of your application. Many companies don’t let you know if you’ve been passed up either. Working with a manufacturing recruiter means you will receive regular communication about the hiring process and where you stand. If the employer has decided to move forward with another candidate, they’ll let you know.

Similarly, if there are skills or experience you are lacking, they can point you in the right direction to pursue your intended career path. Even once you are placed in a new job, your recruiter keeps in touch to ensure the job is a good fit. They may even reach out when new opportunities come up.

Know About Manufacturing Jobs Before They Are Posted

One of the biggest benefits of working with a staffing firm is access to jobs that haven’t been advertised to the public. Agencies are the first to know about new positions within the companies they work with. Before they get posted to job boards or online, the staffing agency has access to the listing. Then they can connect you with the employer about the job before anyone else has ever seen it. If you are trying to find a great job in the competitive manufacturing industry, this can give you an advantage.

Each Company Has Been Vetted

Every company working with the staffing agency has been vetted. In the manufacturing industry, this is especially important. There are some safety risks associated with working in an industrial or manufacturer setting. Working with a staffing agency ensures you are submitting your application with an accredited employer who prioritizes the safety of the employees.

Your Recruiter is a Free Resource

Working with a manufacturing staffing agency gives you a free career resource. They can provide you with career advice, give you insights into the industry, and also help you learn about the industry that interests you. If you need to brush up on skills or obtain certification, they can give you resources to help get that done. Your recruiter may even connect you with an employer willing to invest in your training and licensure.

Get to Know the Company Culture

Your recruiter will also have inside information about the company culture and what it’s like to work there. They already know people who work there and, in some cases, they may have been working with the company for years. So, they will have information about the internal structure, how people interact with each other, and the perks of working there. This can help you decide whether or not the job is truly a good fit for you.

You will also get inside information about the industry altogether. For example, a manufacturing recruiter can give you details about the future of jobs in the industry. This is because they have seen patterns occur in the sector over time.

Expand Your Network

A huge part of searching for a job these days is networking. However, building a substantial professional network can take years. Partnering with a staffing agency can help you greatly expand your network in a short period of time. As soon as you are recommended by a recruiter, you expand your reach in your search.

Tap Into Temp Opportunities

You don’t have to take your recruiter’s word for it either. Working with a firm allows you to tap into temporary positions that may not be available elsewhere. Temp jobs can help you feel out the job, the industry, and the employer. After working there for a short period of time, you can make a decision about whether it is what you want to do or if it is an employer you want to work with.

Choose The Bradley Group For Your Manufacturing Job Search

The Bradley Group specializes in placing workers in the manufacturing industry at every level. Founded in 1998, the company has 24 years of experience as a manufacturing staffing and recruiting company, successfully assisting candidates in launching and growing careers in the industry. From entry-level positions to executive searches, our recruiters are here to help you find a job that suits your needs.

Because our staffing firm has an established relationship with so many top employers in the industry, we are able to place candidates like you faster. Your recruiter will get to know you and identify jobs that may be a good fit. After receiving your resume and application materials, you may be scheduled for an interview as soon as the next day.

On top of being connected to some of the best employers in the manufacturing industry, The Bradley Group’s reputation for being a company that cares about employees is solid. We make sure that we act in an ethical manner and only work with companies that prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees. See what people have to say about The Bradley Group.

Ready To Find A New Manufacturing Job And Grow Your Career?

If you are ready to kickstart or grow your manufacturing career, working with an agency like The Bradley Group can connect you with new opportunities. Our team of recruiters is ready to get to know you and help you make your career goals happen. Search our current job openings or contact us to learn more about the ways our firm can assist you in your job search.


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