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Should I Meet a Potential Employee In-Person Before Hiring?

In today’s virtual world, hiring new employees can be a challenge. Online interviews and virtual onboarding processes have become fine-tuned over the last few years. Some employers may still have some reservations about never getting to meet the potential new hire though.

Here are a Few Tips to Help You Through the Virtual Hiring Process

The Questions You Ask Are Important

Many employers make the mistake of not placing emphasis on the interview process. The questions you ask each potential employee are important. When you focus on quality questions this will help you identify the best candidates.

Have the Candidate Meet the Team Virtually

The first conversation should just be to get to know the candidate a little better. After that, schedule a virtual interview with the entire team. This gives you and everyone else on the team a chance to see how the potential employee communicates and interacts with others. Don’t add more than two or three additional people to the call. Any more than that can be overwhelming to the interviewee.

Focus On Diversity

Employers often express that they have difficulty assessing a candidate’s “fit” through a virtual interview. However, it is a better idea to focus on the candidate’s specific skills and work history than personality traits. The idea of cultural fit often supports the idea of being the same. If you branch out a little, you will diversify your staff, which can have positive benefits for the organization as a whole. Diverse companies have been shown to be more productive and profitable.

Require Performance Assessments

If you are worried about not meeting your potential employees in person, skills and performance assessments are great ways to examine their abilities. You can also assess soft skills, like communication and problem-solving, through online assessments too. This helps you focus on their skills and abilities rather than personality traits.

Search for People With Remote Work Experience

These days, it is easier to find people who have experience working with a remote team. The previous experience working in a virtual setting can provide them with additional communication skills and technical skills you may not be able to find elsewhere. They will also know the challenges that come with working remotely and how to combat them.

Always Be Recruiting

One of the best things you can do if you are going to hire employees without meeting face to face is to focus on recruiting. Having a good list of quality candidates can prove to come in handy when it is time to hire. Because you have already established a networking relationship with them, it is easier to hire without meeting each potential employee in person.

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