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Everything Job Seekers Should Know About Temporary Jobs in Manufacturing

There is a booming need to fill jobs in manufacturing in the US today.  There has been an increased need for manufactured goods with the numerous supply chain issues facing the United States. In fact, the manufacturing industry is adding tens of thousands of jobs to the market every month.

Because there is an increased demand for productivity in that sector, employers are looking for people to hire in manufacturing. In many cases, you can find flexible jobs in manufacturing  to help you get your foot in the door.

What Are Temporary Jobs?

Generally speaking, a temporary job is a position that an employer needs to fill for a short period of time. Temp work can last a few weeks or several years, depending on the needs of the business. Common reasons employers look for temp workers include extended employee leave, seasonal increase in demand or other sharp increases, or special projects. Temporary manufacturing employees can also help companies address labor costs during hard economic times.

Sometimes, temporary jobs take the form of seasonal work. Oftentimes, businesses have busy and slow seasons, so employers tap into temp workers to fill the gaps during busy times. However, not all temporary work is seasonal. You can find temp positions all year long in the manufacturing industry and other sectors.

Temporary jobs can also potentially lead to full-time work. Either way, temp work gives you valuable experience in the industry that can lend a helping hand in your search for something more permanent.

Temp Jobs vs Part-Time Jobs

That may sound similar to part-time employment, but the two are actually quite different. Part-time jobs and temporary employment are different in one major way: people hired part-time are permanent employees, and temp workers are not.

Generally, part-time employees work 30 hours or less each week, but they do not work between 30 and 40 hours, otherwise known as full-time hours. There is no contract or end date when it comes to their employment. They are a permanent staff member, but their hours are limited.

On the other hand, temporary jobs provide workers with more flexibility than part-time positions. If you wanted to, you could take on multiple temp positions in different industries to get an idea of where you’d like to pursue a career long-term. You work on the terms with the employer and, sometimes, they may even hire you full-time. There is no guarantee that you will receive long-term full-time employment from your temporary position though.

Who Should Consider Temporary Manufacturing Jobs?

There are a number of reasons you might consider a temporary or contract job in manufacturing. Right now, there are a lot of people returning to the workforce, but they don’t necessarily want to pursue the same career path they once did. For these individuals, temporary jobs can help you decide whether or not manufacturing is the right industry.

Another common reason for seeking out temp employment is that you need some flexibility. Temporary work provides the ability to test out an employer or industry before making a commitment. You may also want to work during a specific season or time of the year. For example, many college students might seek out temporary manufacturing jobs over the summer while they are on break.

Other individuals that might benefit from temp work include travelers and people who are changing careers. Temporary work can provide flexibility that more traditional jobs cannot.

Are Temporary Jobs Bad For Your Manufacturing Resume?

As mentioned above, temp jobs can open a door of opportunities for you. Some people think that adding temporary work to your resume may make it look bad. This is because it looks like you are only holding a job for a short period of time. Actually, temporary jobs can help add value to your CV and make your hiring materials stand out to potential employers.

Here are some ways that temporary jobs can help boost your manufacturing resume.

  • Temporary work is often easier to find. There are a wide range of employers looking for temporary employees or contract workers. You can land one of these jobs to help fill in gaps in your work history.
  • Temporary jobs can help show initiative. When you take on temp jobs, it shows that you are willing to work hard, no matter what your role in the company is.
  • Temp positions help you build new skills. In the manufacturing industry especially, employers often hire temp employees for entry-level roles. This can help you learn more about the industry and build skills that will help you pursue a career.
  • Take note of your accomplishments. If you have helped the company reach goals or you have achieved certain objectives, make note of them. These accomplishments will be good to note on your resume and they will also lend you a helping hand if you would like to pursue other employment in the near future.
  • You will make new connections while working a temp job. Temp jobs are a great way to network. You will meet other people working in the industry. They might even know of full-time permanent jobs and may alert you to new opportunities in manufacturing that you weren’t aware of before.
  • Employers are more inclined to hire temp employees full-time. This is because they already know how you’ll perform in the workplace.

Can You Turn a Temp Job Into a Full-Time Job?

Temporary jobs can often lead to full-time permanent work. Think of your performance during the temporary phase as an audition for a full-time job. In a sense, it can be better than an interview. You get to show the employer exactly how you perform on the job. Even if the job wasn’t initially a temp-to-hire position, you can pitch the employer on hiring you full-time, especially if you’ve put your best foot forward during your contract period.

At the end of your contract period, which is usually six months, the employer can choose to extend your contract or hire you as a full-time employee. If you decide to accept the full-time permanent position, your contract ends and the employer will perform a new set of new hire paperwork with you.

If you aren’t offered a full-time position at the end of your contract, ask your employer for feedback. They may be able to give you an idea of areas you can improve upon to improve what you have to offer as a candidate. Additionally, if there are skills, education, certifications, etc., that you are lacking, they can let you know. This will provide insight into what moves you need to make to be successful in the industry.

How Can You Find Great Temp Jobs in Manufacturing?

For job seekers interested in temp jobs in manufacturing, there are a number of ways to come across job listings. You can visit job boards specific to the industry. You can also try to network with individuals who are working with companies you’d like to work with or in positions you’d like to explore. The best help you will receive will be from a manufacturing recruiter that specializes in working with employers in the industry.

Working with a manufacturing staffing company can help you identify good jobs in the industry in your area. Most agencies specialize in temporary employment and placement, meaning they have experience in finding temp jobs that fit a candidate’s skills as well as an employer’s needs. As a job seeker, you don’t have to pay any fees to the staffing agency. You’ll receive free career advice and be put in touch with employers looking for temp workers like you.

Ready To Find A Temporary Job In Manufacturing?

Pursuing temporary jobs in manufacturing can help lead to a fulfilling career. Anyone ready to find temp work in the industry would benefit from working with a local agency. Recruiters can help you edit your hiring materials and showcase your top skills and work history. They also specialize in placing candidates in temporary jobs, so they are already connected with a large number of potential opportunities for you.

If you are looking for a full-time or a temporary job in manufacturing, The Bradley Group is a great place to start. We have some of the best manufacturing recruiters in North Carolina. Our team is ready to get to know you and learn more about your career goals. Then we can set you up with a temporary job in manufacturing or another position that fits your long-term objectives. Take a look at the opportunities available to you when you work with us.


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