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Struggling to Find Top Talent? Learn About The Bradley Group’s Partnering Process

When you’re struggling to find top talent, partnering with a leading staffing firm like The Bradley Group makes a difference. At the Bradley Group, we use a process designed to ensure candidate quality while expediting placements, ensuring client companies can fill challenging vacancies faster and more efficiently.

If you’re ready to see how The Bradley Group can ease your recruitment woes, here’s an overview of our partnering process.

In-depth Needs Analysis

The first step in our partnering processes involved an in-depth analysis. We’ll review your current and future workforce needs, gathering detailed requirements for every role. Along with exploring the technical capabilities required for a position, we’ll also learn about existing team dynamics, workplace culture, and other details to ensure an exceptional fit.

Candidate Recruitment

Once we understand what it takes to thrive in the job, we’ll begin recruiting. By leveraging technology and tapping into our expertise, we’re able to connect with active and passive candidates quickly. Plus, we can separate the strongest contenders from the pack, ensuring quality remains a top priority.

Continuing Innovation

For challenges big and small along the way, our recruiters work together to create innovative strategies that achieve exceptional results. We continue working any problem until we aren’t just able to meet expectations but exceed them, allowing us to deliver top-notch results.

Candidate Screening

Once potential matches are identified, we begin evaluating candidates in-depth. Along with ensuring they have the technical skills required for the role, we examine soft skills and culture fit. Additionally, we gauge the candidate’s enthusiasm for the opportunity, ensuring you get a skilled, capable, and driven new hire.

Client Assessment

After identifying the top contenders, those candidates are presented to the client company for assessment. We’ll facilitate interviews, handle background checks, and otherwise support any further screening needs. Additionally, if negotiations are required, we’ll work with you to ensure success.


Once the new hire is selected, we go the extra mile to assist with the transition. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to both the client company and the employee, allowing us to answer questions, offer encouragement, and ensure that the match is ultimately as strong as possible.

Struggling to Find Top Talent? The Bradley Group Can Help!

When you’re struggling to find the skilled professionals you need, partnering with a staffing firm like The Bradley Group will make accessing top talent easier. Along with having a team of recruiters by your side who can actively seek out exceptional candidates, The Bradley Group maintains connections with top-tier passive candidates who may be primed to meet your needs.

Our process not only saves you time but also saves your company money. You won’t need to pay fees for online job listings continuously, all while getting higher quality results in less time.

Whether you need to hire one employee this year or dozens, The Bradley Group’s process is the quick, efficient way to get the high-caliber talent you need to thrive. Contact us today to find out more about all of our staffing services.

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