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3 Things You Should Ask About a Company During the Interview Process

After landing a job interview, candidates know that the majority of the meeting will focus on discussing their skills, experience, and how they can help the company thrive. However, once things start wrapping up, candidates usually get the opportunity to ask the hiring manager a few questions.

When that moment arrives, you want to take advantage. It’s a chance to learn more about various aspects of the company and the role, ensuring you can determine if the job is the right fit for you.

While you can potentially touch on any topic that allows you to assess the opportunity thoroughly, there are certain subjects that you should make sure are part of the conversation. Here’s a look at three things you should ask about a company during the interview process.

1. Company Culture

A significant portion of job satisfaction is derived from a company’s culture. When the company’s vision and values resonate with you, even tedious work is more meaningful. Similarly, finding an environment where you feel welcome, supported, and valued creates a more pleasant atmosphere.

There are several questions that can help you learn more about the company’s culture. Often, the simplest one is, “How would you describe the company’s culture?” That option is particularly effective if the topic hasn’t been widely discussed and information about the company’s culture isn’t widely available, as it’s broad enough to ensure the hiring manager covers multiple points.

If you have a general idea about the state of the company’s culture, you can dive into certain specifics instead. For example, “How would you describe the team dynamic?” is a simple way to find out more about those you’ll work with closely. “What differentiates your company’s culture from competitors?” is another potential approach, as this lets you gain insights into how the hiring manager thinks the company stands apart in this arena.

2. Team-Building Activities

Asking about team-building activities is a wise move for several reasons. For one, it can give you clues about the company’s culture in an indirect way. Second, it lets you know if the organization goes the extra mile to ensure teammates have a chance to bond. Finally, the hiring manager’s answer can show you how the company has fun as a group.

Usually, asking, “Does the company engage in team-building activities regularly and, if so, what do they typically entail?” can be an excellent starting point. It’ll let you know of team-building is engrained into the culture, as well as how the company approaches it.

3. Professional Development

Unless you’re near the end of your career, you likely have aspirations beyond the role you’re trying to land. As a result, it’s wise to ask about professional development opportunities that are available to employees.

Simply asking, “How does the company support the professional development of its employees?” can give you plenty of insights. You can also ask about how the organization supports advancement, cultivates leaders, or upskills its workforce. With any of those options, you’ll learn about programs and processes that can help you achieve your career dreams.

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