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Looking for Work in the Charlotte, NC, Area? 3 Warehouse Jobs That Are Always in Demand

Finding a new job in the Charlotte, NC, area can feel like a challenge. Fortunately, you can get fantastic results by looking for warehouse opportunities. Specific warehouse jobs are always in-demand, creating opportunities for experienced warehouse professionals, entry-level workers with no experience, and anyone interested in leveraging their transferrable skills for a career change.

Since these positions are broadly in-demand, you can start something new quickly. Whether you want to begin a new warehouse job immediately or would prefer to provide your current employer with two weeks’ notice, there are opportunities available.

If you aren’t sure which positions are worth exploring, here’s a look at three warehouse jobs that are always in demand in Charlotte, NC.

1. Shipping Specialists

One of the most critical roles warehouses play is ensuring shipments leave the facility in a timely manner with the right items in the delivery. As a shipping specialist, your primary responsibility is to ensure that happens.

You might be tasked with picking and packing orders, securing large shipments to pallets, and loading outgoing trucks. Additionally, some inventory-related duties commonly come with the job, including scanning or logging items that are packed, creating inventory lists, and performing inventory audits.

In some cases, other skills – such as forklift driving – come with the position. If you bring those capabilities to the table, you may be able to secure a higher pay rate. However, if you don’t, you might have a chance to hone those capabilities on the job, allowing you to boost your value and potentially work your way into higher-paying positions.

2. Receiving Specialists

Receiving specialists are warehouse professionals that work with incoming inventory. This can include materials for manufacturing activities or products that will be sold to customers, depending on the facility.

In most cases, receiving specialists spend their time unloading trucks, checking packing slips to ensure the correct items arrive, and putting received goods in their proper place in the warehouse. Inventory updating is also a standard part of the job, ensuring newly received items are tracked in the broader system.

Like shipping specialists, other skills are helpful, too. That creates the potential ability to earn higher pay or might lead to training opportunities that can boost your career.

3. General Warehouse Labor

One entry-level job that’s broadly in demand is general warehouse labor. Often, these workers perform a range of tasks that help keep the facility running smoothly. In some cases, that involves assisting shipping, receiving, and order picking departments. There may also be some cleanup duties, too.

One benefit of working in a general warehouse labor position if you’re often exposed to multiple departments. That can lead to more learning opportunities, allowing you to take your career to new heights quickly.

Are You Looking for Warehouse Jobs in Charlotte, NC?

If you want to warehouse jobs in Charlotte, NC, there are opportunities are available, including many that allow you to start right away. The Bradley Group partner with a range of companies that fill warehouse positions, including some that may not require prior experience. Browse our open jobs and apply today!

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