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Three Reasons to Choose a Light Industrial Job This Year

If you’re looking for a new position, you might wonder if a light industrial job is a solid fit. Many candidates aren’t familiar with what these roles bring to the table, causing them to overlook them as options. Plus, they may underestimate the availability of positions, both when it comes to entry-level jobs and those requiring experience.

Ultimately, now is the perfect time to explore light industrial opportunities. If you’re wondering why you should consider them, here’s a look at three reasons to choose a light industrial job this year.

1. Opportunities Are Plentiful

One of the biggest reasons to choose a light industrial job this year is the availability of opportunities. Whether you need an entry-level, no experience required role or have substantial experience in the sector, there are positions available.

Currently, one area where opportunities are particularly plentiful is warehousing. Shipping and receiving specialists, as well as general warehouse labor, are all in-demand, allowing candidates to find job openings quickly. There are also positions available in manufacturing, giving job seekers another avenue to explore.

2. Build New Skills

Many people assume that light industrial jobs don’t involve many opportunities to learn skills that can boost their careers. However, that simply isn’t the case. Many light industrial roles come with chances to hone a range of capabilities, including many that can help you build a rewarding, long-term career.

One classic example is machine and equipment operations. Most light industrial companies use a range of technologies to accomplish various tasks, and you’ll get a chance to gain hands-on experience with those systems. Plus, machinery like forklifts is commonplace, leading to more opportunities.

You can also hone a range of skills that can serve you well. You might get to work in quality control, teaching you how to ensure various items meet specifications. Similarly, reading blueprints and schematics can be a part of many positions, allowing you to hone those capabilities – among others – as well.

3. Start Right Away

One of the biggest challenges when you’re looking for a new job and want to start quickly is delays in the hiring process. Fortunately, if you’re focused on light industrial positions, you don’t have to wait.

Many companies aren’t just looking to fill light industrial job openings; they want to bring new hires on board quickly. As a result, you can secure an opportunity that lets you start in just days instead of having to wait for weeks. In some cases, you may even be able to begin the day after you’re selected by the hiring manager. For anyone who needs a new source of income quickly or wants to move away from a role that’s a poor fit as fast as possible, this is a boon.

However, if you need to give your current employer two weeks’ notice, that’s also an option. Manufacturing companies understand if a strong candidate wants to extend that courtesy and are often willing to provide you with that time if you’re chosen for a long-term position.

Do You Want to Close the Year with a New Light Industrial Job? The Bradley Group Can Help!

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to secure a new light industrial job this year. Whether you’re looking for better pay, want an entry-level position with long-term potential, or are interested in taking your career in a different direction, light industrial positions could be the perfect match.

If you want to close the year with a new light industrial job, there are opportunities available. The Bradley Group partners with a range of leading light industrial companies that are currently filling positions, including many that can start right away. Browse our open jobs and apply today!

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