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3 Ways to Create a Stronger Online Presence When Applying for Jobs

No matter where you are in your career, having a strong online presence when you’re applying for jobs works in your favor. It allows you to showcase more than you can fit on a resume and highlight your employee value proposition. Plus, by carefully curating your online presence, it shows employers that you’re detail-oriented and conscientious, which most will assume translates into how you’ll perform on the job.

While it may seem like establishing a stellar professional brand is challenging, you can make significant headway by using the right approach. Here’s a look at three ways to create a stronger online presence when applying for jobs.

1. Manage All of Your Profiles Correctly

When an employer begins searching for your social media accounts, they might discover professional ones like your LinkedIn profile mixed into personal ones. Depending on what they come across, this can send a less-than-ideal message about who you are as a professional.

If you want a stronger online presence when applying for jobs, create separation between your personal and professional activities. Don’t treat any account as dual purpose, essentially deciding whether it’s professional or personal and curating the content accordingly.

Additionally, consider making all personal accounts private, potentially permanently. By doing so, you can reduce the odds that any content there will impact your job search.

However, even if an account is private, it’s wise to audit the content for appropriateness. You may want to remove anything potentially controversial, ensuring it doesn’t end up viewed by a hiring manager at any time.

2. Post About Your Area of Expertise

Posting about your area of expertise allows you to showcase your knowledge and commitment to your industry. Sharing posts created by others is an easy way to start, as it demonstrates your diligence when it comes to remaining current. By making content on your own, you can highlight your industry knowledge and your written communication skills.

Engaging with others can also work in your favor. For example, actively participating in groups that focus on your field can increase your visibility, show your willingness to help, and put your expertise on display. The same is true with comments on other people’s content.

3. Look Beyond Social Media

In most cases, it’s easier to initially establish an online presence by using social media platforms. However, once that’s handled, consider branching out with a personal website dedicated to your career. Free website builders make the process easy, allowing you to highlight your credentials, showcase projects, or otherwise share content that may not fit well elsewhere. Plus, it lets you create a professional brand in a new way, allowing you to incorporate color, images, and videos to create a carefully curated experience.

As an added benefit, you can often connect your social media accounts to your website with the right plugins and include a link to your website on your social media profiles. That allows you to steer hiring managers to more content you’d like them to see directly.

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