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Why You Should Consider Investing in Manufacturing Jobs in the Final Quarter of 2022

The past few years have been tumultuous for companies in the manufacturing sector. The pandemic led to unexpected closures, and re-openings required businesses to make significant changes to their work environments to reopen. Couple that with ongoing labor shortages, the impact of the Great Resignation, and pervasive skill gaps, and most manufacturing companies aren’t maintaining optimal staffing levels.

Now, organizations in the manufacturing industry are concerned about the potential impacts of ongoing inflation and a possible recession on the horizon. As a result, some may feel that investing in manufacturing jobs by hiring new employees isn’t ideal.

However, the current conditions can also signal an opportunity for manufacturers that are willing to seize the moment. If you’re wondering why investing in manufacturing jobs in the final quarter of 2022 is wise, here’s what you need to know.

Why Investing in Manufacturing Jobs in Q4 2022 Is Worth Considering

Today, manufacturing companies are experiencing a wealth of hiring challenges, as well as dealing with looming fears about a possible recession. While that may seem like now isn’t a great time to invest by filling more manufacturing jobs, doing so could actually work in your company’s favor.

At this time, many businesses in the manufacturing industry are reeling back their hiring. As a result, there is far less competition for top talent today than in months past, which could make it easier to secure fantastic workers quickly.

Additionally, while unemployment is low, that situation could change if a recession begins to take shape. Layoffs at overstaffed manufacturing facilities mean that some high-quality workers may lose their jobs through no fault of their own. By being open to investing in manufacturing jobs, your company can scope up these newly unemployed professionals.

Ongoing inflation also means that many workers are looking for opportunities that come with better pay. If your company meets or exceeds what’s available elsewhere, you may be able to capitalize on current economic conditions, positioning your company as an employer of choice and catching the attention of high-performing manufacturing talent that’s dissatisfied with their wages.

Plus, high inflation is a sign that demand for products is there. If lower staffing levels mean falling far short of demand, that could lead you to miss out on potential revenue, which could make a recession harder to shoulder if one occurs.

Finally, you can secure top manufacturing talent on your terms. By partnering with a recruitment agency like The Bradley Group, you can choose from a wide array of hiring solutions, including options that allow you to scale up or down with ease.

Are You Ready to Invest in Manufacturing Jobs? The Bradley Group Can Make It Easy

If you’re ready to invest in manufacturing jobs to ensure you have the strongest possible workforce, The Bradley Group can make the process simple. You’ll have a team of diligent recruiters by your side, as well as access to a carefully developed talent pool brimming with manufacturing talent.

Regardless of the scope of your hiring needs, The Bradley Group’s process gives you exceptional results efficiently and affordably. Contact us to find out more about services today.

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