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5 Benefits of Working the 3rd Shift

Many candidates focus on dayshift opportunities when looking for new jobs. As a result, they miss out on all of the benefits of working the 3rd shift.

Working on the 3rd shift can lead to a lot of gains. You may secure higher pay, have an easier time maintaining work-life balance, reduce costs, and much more.

If you’re curious about the benefits of working the 3rd shift, here’s what you need to know:

1. Night Owl-Friendly

Many candidates consider themselves night owls. If your focus is better later at night, making the evenings and into the morning hours your most productive time, a 3rd shift position lets you capitalize on that energy. You’ll be in a role that matches your natural rhythm, which is often preferable to forcing yourself to become a morning person if you aren’t one naturally.

2. Shift Differentials

While this isn’t universally true, many 3rd shift jobs come with shift differentials. Essentially, you’ll get to earn more than your counterparts on the dayshift simply because you’re working during a less desirable time.

Essentially, shift differentials are a type of incentive that encourages workers to consider alternate shifts. If you’re comfortable working late at night and into the early morning, that’s a major boon, particularly since it applies to your regular hours and any overtime pay rates.

3. Tackle Daytime Errands

One of the biggest challenges of working a traditional dayshift is that you’re at work during normal business hours. As a result, handling certain errands is tricky, as some businesses aren’t open when you’re off the clock. This means you either have to use leave or choose more crowded times to handle critical tasks.

By choosing a 3rd shift job, you’re off work during the day. That makes handling these errands far easier since places are open while you’re not on the clock. Plus, some other tasks are simpler since places like grocery stores may be less busy, which also works in your favor.

4. Quicker Commutes

While traffic is a common complaint among professionals on dayshifts, they’re rarely an issue for 3rd shift workers. You’re heading to your workplace and coming home well outside of rush hour, so there are far fewer cars on the road. As a result, you’ll spend less time and gas when commuting, leading to better work-life balance and a notable cost savings.

5. Reduced Need for Childcare

With a 3rd shift job, childcare may be unnecessary. You can be home when your children need supervision. Plus, you may be able to support the childcare needs of other family members, simplifying their lives while getting a chance to bond with younger members of your family.

Ready for a 3rd Shift Job? The Bradley Group Can Help You Find Your Perfect Match

Ultimately, 3rd shift jobs can be great options for a variety of professionals. You’ll get better work-life balance, higher pay, and lower costs, all of which are gains.

If you’re ready for a 3rd shift position, there are opportunities available, including some that start right away. The Bradley Group partners with a range of companies that operate 3rd shifts, so our team can help you find the right one. Browse our open jobs and apply today!

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