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Three Healthy Alternatives to Taking a Smoke Break

Whether you’re a former smoker that recently quit or are considering breaking the habit, finding a healthy alternative to taking a smoke break is essential. By creating a new health-conscious pattern, your cravings may be less intense. Plus, some activities may help you overcome some of the damage smoking can cause, allowing you to improve your breathing and endurance.

There are plenty of options available, making it easy to find a solution that works best for you.

Here’s a look at three healthy alternatives to taking a smoke break.

1. Take a Brisk Walk

A bit of movement during the workday is always wise when you want to maintain your health. Plus, a brisk walk can help get your heart rate up to boost your cardiovascular fitness. Exercise also releases feel-good hormones, which may reduce cravings.

If possible, take a brisk walk outside, preferrably near an area with trees and grass so that you can enjoy nature. If that isn’t an option, you can do circles around the building parking lot, climb flights of stairs, or choose a similar approach.

Inviting a friend can also make the walk a chance for socialization. In that case, the activity is potentially more uplifting, allowing you to spend time with someone else and enjoy a nice chat.

2. Do Simple Stretches

If heading out for a walk isn’t an option, use the time to do simple stretches that can loosen your muscles, improve blood flow, and reduce stress. Alternating reaching toward your toes and stretching up to the ceiling doesn’t require much space, making it a great place to start. You can also try neck rolls, calf stretches on a step, shoulder rolls, and many more.

Along with being invigorating, stretching may reduce certain injuries. Plus, it can improve your posture if your job involves a lot of hunching over a workstation, which can make your back more comfortable.

3. Drink Water

Having a glass of water instead of taking a smoke break is a great way to improve your health since it supports better overall hydration. Water is also naturally refreshing, which can give you a small energy boost that makes the rest of your workday feel more manageable.

Since water is calorie-free, it also won’t lead to additional weight gain, which is something many people who quit smoking experience. Plus, it’s easy to flavor with low-calorie additions like fruit, allowing those who need a hint of sweetness an option besides soda, juice, or other calorie-heavy alternatives.

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