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Improve Health and Wellness at Your Warehouse in 2023

When you manage a warehouse, your employees are your greatest asset. By focusing on health and wellness, you ensure your workforce is at its best. In turn, productivity and job satisfaction rises, leading to enhanced profitability, reduced turnover, and easier recruitment.

Often, improving health and wellness at your warehouse isn’t as challenging as it seems.

Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Offer Health and Safety Training

Health and safety training are opportunities to support your employees by giving them critical knowledge. Offer courses designed to ensure they can move through their environment and handle their responsibilities safely, as fewer injuries boost job satisfaction.

Additionally, provide training on key health areas, both physical and mental. You can cover nutrition, financial wellness, and anything in between, giving your workforce critical tools for managing their lives.

Make Breaks Mandatory

Taking a moment during the day to rest and recharge is critical for wellness. Breaks allow employees to destress, rehydrate, and otherwise care for their well-being. Plus, they’ll return to work with renewed energy and vigor, making them more productive than if they worked straight through in many cases.

Make sure managers treat breaks as mandatory. Have them prompt employees to step away if they’re resistant or concerned taking their breaks would reflect poorly on them. Additionally, encourage them to use paid leave when appropriate, including sick leave if they’re ill or vacation time if they’re showing signs of prolonged stress.

Add Some Creature Comforts

Creating breakrooms and lunch spaces that are comfortable and relaxing makes on-site breaks more rejuvenating. Make sure that there is ample space to spread out and kick back and comfortable furnishings. Provide access to critical amenities like microwaves and refrigerators, and consider providing healthy snacks and drinks for free.

Having a well-designed outdoor space for breaks is also wise. Being able to sit in sunlight and among natural elements – like trees and grassy areas – for a few minutes can improve employee well-being, so it’s worthwhile to create such a space.

Provide Suitable PPE

Most warehouses require employees to use personal protective equipment (PPE). However, asking workers to buy it themselves creates a financial burden. Additionally, they may struggle to find suitable, comfortable options or may have trouble affording replacements when their current PPE shows signs of wear.

If you want to improve health and wellness, make as much PPE as possible free to employees. Additionally, see if you need a variety of sizes, ensuring workers can find options that fit well, improving their mobility and comfort.

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