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3 Reasons to Work at a Warehouse While Home on College Break

During the holiday season, many students come home during their college break. Since the extra time can be an excellent opportunity to bring in some income before the next semester, finding a short-term job is a common goal.

While many college students might assume that gig work is the best option, that approach comes with drawbacks. By working at a warehouse instead, you can often come out ahead compared to working a gig.

Here’s a look at three reasons to work at a warehouse while home on college break.

1. More Structure

When you take a weekend or seasonal job at a warehouse, you get more structure. Your hours and pay rates are guaranteed, which is something you don’t get with many gig jobs. As a result, you can predict when you’ll need to work and how much you’ll bring home.

Another benefit here is that you won’t have to worry about handling all of your tax withholdings. Gig workers are typically viewed as contractors when it comes to taxes, so you have to estimate how much you’ll owe and make an estimated tax payment to cover that amount. There’s also the added self-employment tax, which is sizeable.

By working at a warehouse as a temporary employee, taxes are withheld. While you do need to make sure the amount is correct based on your income and tax bracket, it’s far less burdensome. Plus, you won’t have to cover the self-employment tax.

2. Great for Your Health

By working at a warehouse while home on college break, you can experience a variety of health benefits. Warehouse jobs are typically active, keeping you moving during your shift. As a result, you may improve your physical fitness. Plus, even temporary workers may become eligible for healthcare coverage, which is something you don’t traditionally get with gig work.

3. Boost Your Resume

Working at a warehouse while you’re on a break from college can be a great boost to your resume. You’ll get to add formal work experience with an employer, which may look better to hiring managers in the future when compared to gig work.

Plus, a warehouse job can give you valuable transferable skills. Teamwork, organization, accountability, punctuality, and communication are all involved, and they’re typically valued by employers in every industry.

Additionally, if you’re majoring in a field that could lead to working for industrial employers, taking a short-term job in a warehouse gives you relevant experience that could make launching your career easier. You’ll learn about shipping, receiving, inventory taking, and picking and packing. Finally, you may have a chance to familiarize yourself with common equipment, such as forklifts.

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