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Don’t Know Where to Turn for Your NC Job Search? Turn to a Staffing Agency!

The number of people looking for work is quickly on the rise again. If you are one of the many people looking to re-enter the workforce or looking for a new job, there are many ways you to kick start your search. Whether it’s a job fair, online job boards, or social media, finding the right job for you is time-consuming.

Staffing agencies offer assistance in the following ways to remove the stress from your job search.

Inside Access to Knowledge About the Employer

In order to make sure you are applying for a job that would be a good fit for you, do some research about the employer. A staffing agency will have more information about a company’s culture and background that might not be available in a regular job search. Sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a job opening for the staffing agency to get you the job. Because the agency already has an established relationship with the employer, they will be privy to new openings, whether they have been advertised or not.

Another frustrating thing about applying for work is not knowing why you didn’t get hired, or why the employer didn’t think you were a good fit. You get access to those details when you work with a staffing agency too. They can have a conversation with the employer and provide you with feedback.

Increased Market Knowledge

The job market has probably changed since the last time you were looking, especially if it’s been several years. Recruiters are always current on what is going on in the job market and have a different perspective than you would as a job seeker. The market for a particular job isn’t going to be the same as it was five years ago, or even two years ago.  A professional agency can help you steer through changes in the job market, making it easier for you to get through the process.

Get Honest Feedback About Your Resume

Looking for a job can be tedious and tiring. Many times, there is no way to tell if you’ve aced an interview, or if your resume needs to be updated without reaching out to friends and colleagues. A staffing agency can provide resume tips and interview feedback. This can expedite the hiring process, and increase the chances of getting an offer.

Receive Help Preparing for Interviews

Preparing for interviews can be nerve-wracking. What questions should you ask? What questions might the employer ask you? Many recruitment agencies have interview coaching specialists available to help you prepare for your next job interview. Staffing agencies also have links to interview tips for the jobs you are applying to on their websites.

Assistance with Decision Making

There are a LOT of jobs available out there. How do you know which ones will be worth your time applying for, and which ones will be a good fit? A personal recruiter will get to know you and understand what it is you are really looking for and want in a job. It is also their job to know about the traits the employer wants in a candidate, so they can make a good match.

Ready to Work with a Staffing Agency? Contact Our Experts at The Bradley Group Today!

Whether you are currently employed and looking for new opportunities or need a job ASAP, The Bradley Group can help streamline your job search and get you on your way! Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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