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3 Common Misconceptions of Working In a Warehouse

When candidates start looking for new job opportunities, they may shirk certain jobs or industries based on negative assumptions. There are many misconceptions about working in a warehouse, some of which are highly pervasive. As a result, job seekers overlook potentially exceptional opportunities.

By learning about common misconceptions regarding working in a warehouse, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on an exciting job simply because you made an incorrect assumption.

Here’s a look at three myths about the warehousing industry.

1. Warehouse Jobs Don’t Pay Well

Warehouse jobs have an undeserved reputation when it comes to pay rates, causing many candidates to assume they can’t make a good living if they pursue a career in the industry. In reality, pay rates in warehouses are highly competitive, and wages have been rising in recent years.

Along with strong starting salaries for entry-level workers, you can rise through the ranks to earn even more, potentially allowing you to out-earn professionals in some other fields. Plus, you don’t necessarily need any formal education – such as a college degree – to get started, leading to a potential cost savings. Finally, most warehouse jobs come with comprehensive benefits packages, making the value of your total compensation even higher than you may expect.

2. The Work Is Incredibly Repetitive and Physically Tough

When many candidates envision a warehouse job, they picture an employee doing the same task over and over again with essentially no variety during the day. In reality, many warehouse workers shift between a wide range of functions, use a variety of equipment, and handle several different types of duties. As a result, the workday is often incredibly varied.

While it’s true that some warehouse jobs require heavy lifting at different points during the shift, most warehouse environments embrace technology and equipment that reduce the physical aspects of the work. Plus, some of the duties are more administrative in nature, allowing you to balance some physical activity with less physically demanding tasks.

3. Opportunities Are Only Available in Large Warehouses

Most candidates assume that all warehouses are massive environments filled with dozens – if not a hundred or more – employees on every shift. While those workplaces do exist, some warehouses are far smaller, and they can be great places to launch a career.

Many smaller warehouses feature tight-knit teams of employees that genuinely get to bond. Plus, those roles often involve more variety when it comes to duties, allowing you to hone more skills that could boost your career. Promoting internally is usually common in smaller warehouses, too, allowing you to advance as you learn and grow.

Are You Ready for Your First Warehouse Job?

Ultimately, warehouse jobs can be incredibly rewarding and serve as great foundations for long and lucrative careers. If you’re ready for your first warehouse position, there is a wide array of opportunities available. The Bradley Group partners with warehousing companies of all sizes, many of which are looking to hire right away. Browse our open jobs and apply today!

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