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Easy Ways to Cut Your Recruiting Costs

Piecing together the right team takes time and money. When you spend resources on finding the right candidate, you want to ensure they are the right fit for the position and company at large. Because recruiting is so important, it is often one of the biggest expenses a business has. However, there are some easy ways to cut your recruiting costs.

Optimize Online Portals

Take a look at your online resources and be sure they depict your company culture as well as expectations. The way your online portals work and how potential candidates interact with your brand as a whole will affect their opinion of your business.

Make it as easy as you can to reach out for more information and apply for jobs. This will make it easier for you to gain access to quality candidates. On top of that, making the application process easier will put fewer candidates off applying.

Get Referrals From Current Employees

Current employees are a good place to get referrals too. They already have a good idea of what the company is looking for in its employees. Your employees will also know what skills are vital for the job at hand.

Additionally, few people would put their professional careers on the line without knowing the person’s work ethic. So, chances are, you will source great team members this way. You may want to offer a bonus for referrals, but usually, this is a 100% free way of sourcing new employees.

Use Social Media

Many employers are also using social media to source potential candidates. Social media can give you a good sense of the candidate’s abilities. More importantly, it can give you a sense of what type of person they are. Using social media makes it easier to get a feel for whether or not someone will fit into the company culture before they even step into the building for an interview.

Most social media channels also have some kind of search engine. This makes it easier to search for people who have held the title, or similar titles, to what you are looking for. Best of all, social media is completely free.

Find Ways to Decrease Turnover

Decreasing turnover is probably one of the best ways to dial back your recruiting spending. Talk to your team about ways you can improve as an employer. See if there are benefits you can add to their packages or workplace environment aspects you can work on. These things, while they seem small, can help you decrease turnover and ultimately save money recruiting.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing firm can greatly reduce your recruiting costs as well. Because a firm has a number of professionals trained to source quality talent in your industry specifically, you will spend less time on your search all around. Additionally, you will gain access to candidates you may have not otherwise encountered. Contact us at The Bradley Group to see how we can assist your organization in cutting recruiting costs.

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