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Hiring Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

There is no doubt hiring trends are changing. More technology is being used, talent is different, in-demand skills are changing, and how you interact with candidates has been altered. There are even more changes to be expected in 2022. Here is a look at the hiring trends you’re likely to see next year.

Talent Shortages

Hiring managers can expect to continue to see talent shortages moving into 2022. In terms of recruitment, this is one of the biggest challenges facing companies right now. Of course, there are some things employers can do to make themselves more marketable to candidates. Extended benefits packages, competitive pay, and flexibility are all good things to consider when thinking about your hiring strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will take a more critical role in recruiting in 2022. AI helps identify suitable matches for positions, communicates with candidates, and helps maintain workflow. Not to mention, using AI has helped reduce turnover and improve the quality of new hires.

Focus on Candidate Needs

There is going to be a higher focus on what candidates are looking for in a job. As mentioned above, employers are expected to offer more benefits, pay, and flexibility. It would help if you also listened to what candidates in your industry are looking for. Career development and networking opportunities are good things to provide for your staff. You might also consider offering training or additional education to help them continue to grow in their careers. The key here is to focus on what candidates in your industry are asking for and try to develop a way to provide that.

Employer Branding

Employer branding will become increasingly important too. Candidates want to know they are working on an excellent reputation and a positive work culture. You want to be sure you offer an authentic picture of what it is like to work with your organization. Companies with a bad reputation or hostile environment will have a difficult time hiring top talent.

Soft Skills In-Demand

Candidate’s soft skills may prove to be more important than technical skills they bring to the table. This is because there is a talent shortage, as stated above. So, many employers are hiring for quality communication skills and cultural fit. Then, once the new hire is on board, they train them to do the work at hand.

Social Recruiting

Social media and networking will remain a pivotal way to recruit new talent. Many employers will rely on social recruiting to find candidates. Social networks are often how people stay connected with the industry and their colleagues, especially since the COVID pandemic. Reviewing candidate social media profiles and searching for people to fit your organization’s needs can be effective. It is easier to communicate with them and keep them engaged.

Working with a staffing agency like The Bradley Group can help you stay on top of hiring trends and industry demands. Contact us to see how we can assist you with your hiring efforts.


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