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8 Reasons Executives Aren’t Clicking on Your Jobs

As an employer, it can be frustrating when you aren’t getting the applicants you want for your jobs. You put time and money into the search for a new employee. Coming up dry is discouraging. Here are some reasons executives aren’t clicking on your jobs and what you can do.

Your Job Description Isn’t Accurate

Much of any recruiting problem can be solved by examining the position’s job description. When you aren’t clear about the position requirements in the job listing, fewer executives will apply because it is unclear what the position really is. You need to have an accurate portrayal of what the job entails and set expectations.

When you do this, you will attract candidates who are a better fit overall. It also makes you seem more organized and clear about the need of the company, which helps attract more seasoned candidates.

No Flexibility is Offered

Many executives want some kind of flexibility in terms of working remotely and they want control over their schedules. In fact, many executives prefer hybrid working options where they can occasionally go into the office. However, being able to offer some flexibility will help you gain the attention of the candidates you are looking for.

Work Culture is Key

Executives want to know they will be a good cultural fit for an organization. Be sure to highlight your company culture in all of the hiring materials and anywhere they might encounter your employer brand. You should also include cultural information in the job description. Without these details, executives will be less likely to apply.

You Aren’t Paying Enough

To put it simply: if you want quality executive candidates, you need to pay executive wages. Get an idea of what other companies in the industry are offering executive-level staff members and see what you can do to be more competitive with those numbers.

They Want Different Benefits

Benefits packages are important when you are trying to sell your company to an executive too. Oftentimes, they can be more important than their salaries. Your benefits package needs to go beyond the traditional health insurance and paid time off though. Consider offering wellness programs, financial counseling, mental health days, and other kinds of benefits as well. Get a feel for what people in your industry want from their employers.

No Clear Career Path

The position needs to have long-term potential to grab the attention of an executive. If there is no clear career path or trajectory for the position, you won’t get executive candidates. They need to know how your company will fit into their five-year plan and beyond.

There is no ‘Why’

Along with being a good cultural fit, most applicants want to know what impact their position will have on the company as a whole. If your company doesn’t have a reason behind its goals and mission, you won’t have engaged or motivated employees. Executives don’t want to work in that kind of environment. They also want to know that their own efforts and career are making a difference.

You Have No Online Presence

Last, but not least, having an online presence has become increasingly important during the recruiting and hiring process. If you don’t have an online presence or your presence isn’t consistent it can be a turn-off for executive candidates. The first thing most people do is Google your company. So, try to take control of your online presence where possible.

Working with a staffing agency like the Bradley Group is a great way to find executives to fill positions in your company. We can tap into our talent pool and find someone that meets the needs of your organization. Contact us to learn more about our executive recruiting services.

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