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Can a Recruiting Firm Find Open Positions That Aren’t Listed Online?

Job seekers often sift through pages and pages of positions through online job boards, applying to dozens. However, it can be discouraging when you see that 100+ applicants have already submitted their resumes for the job.

Working with a recruiting firm can help you identify lesser-known positions that aren’t listed online. Here’s how.

Employers Partner With Firms Exclusively

Many employers partner with recruiting firms and use them for all of their hiring needs. This is especially the case for short-term or temporary work. A lot of the time, employers don’t post these jobs online. Instead, they contact their trusted recruiting firm to handle the job of finding candidates. Even if the job is posted online, being recommended through a firm they know will lend you a helping hand during the interview process.

Identify Jobs That Are a Good Fit

Working with a recruiter will also help you more easily identify jobs that are truly a good fit for you. Online searches are often full of any and every post related to the keywords you submitted. Not all of the jobs presented will be a good fit for you. While companies are doing a better job of providing information within their position descriptions, it can still be hard to filter through all the details.

Online job posts won’t give you any inside information about the company’s culture either. A recruiting firm has usually established a relationship with the employer. They may even know people who have worked there in the past. With the information they gathered through experiences with the company, they can give you an idea of what it is really like to work there. This improves the chances of you finding a job where you’ll be a good fit.

Make New Connections

As you work with a recruiting firm, you will start to make new connections within your industry. When a new position becomes available, your name may be the first to come up because you have already been networking through the staffing agency. This can help you learn about jobs before they are ever posted online or made known to the public.

Work With Specialized Recruiters

Working with a recruiting firm will give you access to specialized staffing professionals. It is important to find the right agency for your search. Make sure the staffing agency you decide to work with partners with companies you are interested in or work in industries that interest you. You should also get to know more about successful placements they’ve made in the past and where their specialty lies. This way, you get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter. When a new position comes up, you could be one of the first people they call, giving you a competitive advantage over anyone applying online.

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