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What Skills Do Employers Look for Most in Warehouse Employees?

Whether you’re looking for a new warehouse job or would like to advance in your current workplace, having skills that employers want makes a difference. By enhancing your capabilities or acquiring new skills, you can position yourself as a stronger candidate, making it easier to secure new positions or promotions. While every warehouse is different, the core skills companies are after are often highly similar.

Here’s a look at the skills employers look for in warehouse employees:

Communication and Collaboration

Most warehouses are team-oriented environments where employees need to work effectively with coworkers, managers, and customers. Having strong communication and collaboration skills allows you to coordinate with others more efficiently. Plus, it can reduce mistakes and help cultivate a more open, supportive culture.

Communication and collaboration skills are honed in a variety of ways. While many people learn on the job, academic and volunteering activities can also help you boost your capabilities in these areas.


Essentially every job comes with its fair share of challenges, including urgent matters that need addressing right away. As a result, warehouses want to add effective problem-solvers to their workforce, as those who are skilled at problem-solving can often handle common issues independently. Plus, creative problem-solvers may be better equipped to innovate and improve efficiency, both of which benefit the company.

As with communication and collaboration, problem-solving is learned over time and through a wide variety of ways. As a result, you can improve your skills outside of a warehouse environment to become a stronger candidate or while you’re working in a warehouse position, increasing your odds of advancing.

Diligence and Agility

Priorities frequently shift in warehouse environments. Since that’s the case, employers in this industry seek out candidates and employees that are able to adapt when a situation changes. Additionally, they favor professionals who are highly diligent, striving to meet productivity goals in a fast-paced environment.

Often, remaining open to change and maintaining a willingness to go where the company needs you is a simple way to demonstrate agility. With diligence, doing your best to meet productivity targets even during challenging periods is the easiest way to highlight this skill.

Equipment and Machinery

Nearly every warehouse relies heavily on a range of equipment and machinery. Whether it’s handheld scanners for order packing, forklifts for moving products and materials, IoT devices, or anything else, familiarity with common tools puts candidates in a better position.

Often, the easiest way to hone these skills is on-the-job experience and training. Seizing opportunities to learn machine operation, secure a forklift certification, or similarly boost your capabilities makes you more valuable to an employer, allowing you to more easily land new opportunities or secure promotions.

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