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Is It Better to Work Out Before or After Your Shift?

Working out regularly provides you with a variety of benefits. From better physical health to improved well-being, exercise gives you a powerful boost. While deciding that working out is wise is easy, figuring out when to work out is surprisingly challenging if you work.

If you’re trying to decide when to fit in an exercise session, knowing if there are any benefits to choosing one approach over the other helps.

Here’s a look at whether it’s better to work out before or after your shift.

Is It Better to Work Out Before or After Your Shift?

Many early risers tout the benefits of tackling their workout before the start of their shift. However, night owls may find that surprisingly difficult. Similarly, those who have the most energy during the early part of their day may not have the energy or focus for an after-shift exercise session.

Fortunately, there is no “better” time to work out in the grander sense. Instead, personal preference and available time are far more critical.

Many of the metabolic and mental health benefits occur no matter the time of day. While you might have slightly more fat-burning if you work out at the start of your day – before consuming any sugars or carbs – you still burn calories regardless of the time. Additionally, while some like the mental health boost in the morning, others find that exercising after a shift lets them release the stress that comes with working hard and allows them to recenter.

As a result, simply making the time for exercise and choosing an approach that works for you is what matters most. By doing so, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Consider Energy Levels, Your Personality

Usually, the best way to decide whether working out before or after a shift is right for you requires a bit of reflection and self-analysis. When are your energy levels highest? Are you a morning person or a night owl? How physically and mentally demanding is your job, and how does it impact your motivation once you’re done?

Factor in your natural rhythm. Energy levels ebb and flow, and people feel energized and motivated at different times. Are you sluggish, unmotivated, and unfocused in the morning? Then, an after-shift exercise session may be a better choice. Are you physically and mentally exhausted after work? If so, a before-shift workout could be the best fit.

Take a Serious Look at Your Daily Routine

Additionally, you need to consider your available time. Do you have a better workout window before or after your shift? If you head to the gym for exercise, is your preferred equipment more available at certain hours? Do you need to factor in an exercise class schedule? Are other personal obligations more likely to disrupt your day before or after work?

Ultimately, consider what fits your rhythm and life. Then, use that as a guide when choosing when to exercise.

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