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Is It Better to Drink Coffee or Red Bull in the Morning?

When you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning, turning to caffeine is common. While a cup of coffee in the morning is the most typical approach, others turn to Red Bull for their caffeine fix. Many people wonder whether coffee or Red Bull is the better option.

If you’re trying to figure out if coffee or Red Bull in the morning is best, here’s what you need to know.

The Pros and Cons of Coffee in the Morning

Coffee is a natural beverage that’s derived from roasted coffee beans. Along with being a natural source of caffeine, it contains polyphenol antioxidants, which may reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions.

The caffeine content in coffee is approximately 96 mg per cup, though it can vary depending on the type of beans, how its roasted, and other factors. While people once feared that coffee was dehydrating, studies suggest that it doesn’t result in significant fluid loss, even though it can work as a mild diuretic.

Brewing coffee at home is also generally affordable, particularly when using a traditional drip coffee maker. When compared to energy drinks, coffee is even less expensive than using a pod-based coffee system.

When it comes to drawbacks, the biggest is that not everyone enjoys the taste of coffee. As a result, they may stir in milk, sugar, or creamer to alter the taste, which increases the calorie count and often results in added sugar.

The Pros and Cons of Red Bull in the Morning

As an energy drink, many people turn to Red Bull, looking for a boost. In total, it comes with around 75 to 80 mg of caffeine per regular 8.4 oz can.

Red Bull also has large doses of various B vitamins, as well as some other vitamins and minerals. You’ll find taurine in Red Bull, which is similar to an amino acid and may serve as an antioxidant, though many claims about the benefits of taurine are hotly debated. There are also sugar-free versions, which can reduce the total calorie count.

However, regular Red Bull contains a lot of calories, mainly due to the high amount of sugar. Additionally, it’s a very processed product and is generally dehydrating. Compared to brewing coffee at home, Red Bull is incredibly expensive per serving, so there is a financial drawback.

So, Is It Better to Drink Coffee or Red Bull in the Morning?

Generally speaking, coffee is the better choice. It’s a natural beverage that’s essentially calorie-free if you drink it black. Plus, it’s far more affordable and may provide health benefits you don’t experience with energy drinks. Finally, coffee isn’t dehydrating.

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